What is on the train?

Preparing for the upcoming trip in the train, we are thinking about what we will do, what we will sleep in, what to read before going to bed. But most of all the fuss about food: who traveled by train at least once, knows how much they want to eat there and how often they rustle here and there with food packages. To be well fed and stay healthy while traveling in a train, it is important to plan a list of foods in advance. Otherwise, our food reserves can quickly deteriorate, if you are, of course, not the happy owner of a compact portable refrigerator. If you manage to purchase such a portable device, you can safely provide yourself with a fresh and tasty meal on the train, taking your favorite products that do not require cooking! We will help to build a "grocery basket" for everyone else! Immediately we will calm down that there are many things on the train, you will not be left hungry!

Meals on the first day

What can I eat on the train on the first day? On the first day, your food may be different! You can even afford perishable foods: snack on sausage sandwiches,eat yogurt and even cottage cheese! Dairy products are best left for the first snack! Many people say they eat fried chicken on a train. If you are not able to refrain from meat, we advise you to bake the chicken in the oven with spices and eat your first lunch or dinner on the train. In the train like never before I want to drink, drive teas. Therefore, stock up on non-carbonated mineral water, but avoid sparkling water, lemonade! Why do you need extra thirst and stomach problems? Take tea bags, coffee ... Choose dry biscuits, better than those that do not crumble. Leave chocolates for better times, but you can wrap other sweets. Do you like cheese? Take it with you, do not be afraid, only desirable solid grade. For an afternoon snack, fruits and dried fruits and nuts are perfect!

Diet for the next day

With the advent of instant porridge, life in the morning was notably easier, as was the life of those traveling on the train. A glass of boiling water, a few minutes - and porridge for every taste is ready! The same can be said about noodles in packages and other similar quick lunches. Talk about their usefulness is not necessary, but if you do not add bags of spices and butter, the harm to the body will not cause! Pay attention to canned food: they are unpretentious in storage conditions, and their range is very rich.

You think that the above list will be enough for you to eat tasty and satisfying in a train! And don't forget to grab more paper and wet wipes: train hygiene is paramount!

Food in the dining car

Perhaps you do not even want to plan what is on the train, but are thinking about eating in the dining car. Of course, there you can have breakfast with scrambled eggs and sandwiches, dine with broth and chicken, and choose a salad for dinner. But for all this you have to pay a lot! And the quality of the food offered is not always on top!

And you should not risk - to buy food "from the hands" at the stations, as if the appetino she did not look! This is verified by the unsuccessful experience of many passengers!

We wish you only pleasant trips!

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