What is an operation?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
May 17, 2015
What is an operation?

When we hear the word “operation”, images of a hospital, surgeons, anesthesia, and the like immediately surface in our mind. But we also know that there are still currency, combat, computing and other operations. What is an operation?

The term "operation" is derived from the Latin word operatio, which translated into Russian means "action". An operation is a structural unit of human activity, a series of sequential actions that are united by a common goal and are aimed at one subject.

In what spheres of life does the word "operation" apply

  • In medicine, an operation is a method of treatment that takes place in violation of the integrity of the body (opening, cutting, etc.) For more information about surgical operations, you can read in special articles:
  • In military art, an operation is a series of strikes, maneuvers or actions to strengthen positions, united by the common goal of defeating a particular enemy grouping, reaching certain lines or holding the existing line of resistance.
  • Actions to buy or sell a currency in order to extract financial profit, lending money at interest for the same purpose, are called financial transactions.
  • Technological operation is a part of the manufacturing process of the finished product, which is carried out continuously in one workplace and on the same item. There is, for example, an operation to remove bark from wood.
  • Performing a computer or a person of some arithmetic action on given values ​​is called a computational operation.

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