What is papyrus?

What is papyrus, modern people remember withschool bench. As you know, unclaimed data will be erased over time. So adults just know: papyrus is what the ancient Egyptians wrote. However, such a response is inaccurate and a few oddballs.

On the plant papyrus, and on the writing material read below.

Papyrus plant

In the days of ancient Egyptthe answer to the question of what papyrus is, would be a "reed kind". It was this plant that bore such a name. With the invention of the basis for writing, the predecessor of modern paper received a name similar to the name of the raw material. Those who think that papyrus can be made from any reed are deeply mistaken: only this variety has an adhesive in the stems, thanks to which it was possible to produce Egyptian "paper".

Papyrus instead (or rather - to) paper

The technology of manufacturing such writing materialwas kept in the deepest secrecy. I must say, papyrus was widely used in Europe, but it was made exclusively in Egypt. And the pharaohs held the monopoly on papyrus production - no one, except for the workshops under their control, had the right to make strategically important products.


Due to the fact that all the scrolls were made exclusivelyfrom the mentioned cane, the manuscripts even at the dawn of the Middle Ages were also called papyri. Such a name of "books" and documents was out of use only by the eighth century AD, when the paper invented by the Chinese finally pushed out the Egyptian writing material.

On how to make this material, read in the article What is the technology of making papyrus.

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