What is punctuation?

Alena Bondar
Alena Bondar
January 22, 2013
What is punctuation?

To create an understandable text in writing, it is necessary to know certain rules that establish the correct procedure for the placement of punctuation marks, the system of which constitutes punctuation. The question of what punctuation is and what its purpose is, is considered in school from primary school. Punctuation marks, each of which is a certain auxiliary component in writing, play an important role in the performance of certain functions. Each of them will be discussed in the next paragraph of the article.

The main functions of punctuation marks

To ensure an unambiguous perception of what is written, it is necessary to know what punctuation is studying, and for its correct application it is important to single out the purpose of its elements.

  • First, the use of certain characters allows you to complete a semantic fragment in the text. This role is performed by signs such as a dot, question and exclamation marks.
  • Secondly, with the help of a comma, a dash and a colon, it is possible to single out specific, requiring special attention fragments of the text.
  • Thirdly, it is often necessary to use quotations in quotations, which must be enclosed in quotes. The role of clarifying and clarifying the meaning of the term used in the sentence is performed by brackets.

The role of punctuation

Punctuation in theory has several main directions. People who are committed to logical direction are of the opinion that the main role of punctuation is to define the meaning in writing, that this is an important point for accurate perception of the text.

As for the syntactic direction, one of the main purposes of punctuation is to split the text into sentences with sentences using punctuation marks, and into word combinations with sentences. Such a function of signs allows you to make the text quite visual and logical. In the intonation direction, supporters emphasize the special role of the theory, which defines its purpose of punctuation marks. It consists in creating a certain intonation, thanks to which oral comprehension and reading of the text is facilitated.

In order to correctly interpret any text, it is important to accurately select punctuation marks, the purpose of which will be focused on the performance of the task.In addition to certain rules of punctuation, which are obligatory in writing texts, there are free, author's ways of using punctuation marks.

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