What is relevancy?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
What is relevancy?

Today, in the era of Internet technologies, more and more new words and concepts come into our life. Very many of them are of foreign origin. Often we don’t even fully understand what is really being said. One of these concepts is relevance. In the article we will examine in detail what is relevance.

The notion of relevance

The word relevance comes from the Latin word "relevo" - I raise. The classic explanation of the concept of relevance is a measure of the conformity of the result obtained with the desired one.

If we consider the sphere of Internet technologies, it turns out that relevance is the correspondence of information found on the Internet to the user's request. When searching the web two components are important: completeness and accuracy. By completeness, it is meant that the query matches the result (that is, none of the requested items are lost during the search). Accuracy - the exclusion of all superfluous from the search.

As an example, the following. For example, you are looking for the Internet "baby car seat."Enter the appropriate query in the search engine, and it gives a list of sites that are engaged in children's car seats. This is the high relevance of the answer. If the search engine prompts you to buy a pillow, then this is already a very low relevance.

It should be noted that relevance is a very important parameter for successful promotion of Internet sites.

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