What is the harm of masturbation?

Until now, masturbation remains the most mysteriouselement of a person's sexual life. Some are deeply convinced that masturbation leads to blindness, that it is better not to do it at all, so as not to waste seminal fluid, while others believe that masturbation is as useful and natural phenomenon as doing full-fledged sex.

Masturbation is the stimulation of the male genitalia forgetting sexual excitement and pleasure, usually accompanied by the achievement of orgasm. Masturbate almost everything (about 90% of the inhabitants of the planet) and even those who have constant sexual relations with a partner. And do not be ashamed of it! But often after this lesson, a person feels a sense of guilt (60%) because of what happened, which can be explained by Puritan upbringing in a family or school, where for a long time the harm of masturbation was actively promoted. Let's try to find out what the harm and benefits of masturbation are.

The Benefits of Masturbation

In addition to the fact that during masturbation, you canto reach the highest peak of pleasure, this is a convenient enough and profitable way to enjoy yourself, even without having a permanent sexual partner. And scientists have proven that masturbation promotes the development of substances that improve mood.

Engaging in masturbation can be avoidedunwanted pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Masturbation is simply necessary in cases where a man must pass tests to check the quality of his sperm or donate sperm.

Also the benefit of masturbation lies in the fact thatwhile having sex with it, you can delay the approaching orgasm, thereby allowing sex to last longer in time. In other words, through masturbation it is possible to solve the problem of premature erection.

Masturbation does not have an adverse effect on the body. If more masturbate, then, in fact, the body produces more sperm.

It is known, after all, that all the muscles of our bodynecessary training. And, so that over the years these muscles are not weakened, a man can at least occasionally masturbate. And also it is useful for the prevention of urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

It is also interesting that masturbation promotesstrengthening the immune system. This is due to the fact that the hormone cortisol, which is produced during sex or masturbation, has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

In addition to the above, masturbation helpsreduce stress in extreme situations. Therefore, if a man feels some anxiety, he can only make himself pleasant and relax. And it was proved by Australian scientists that masturbating men are less likely to suffer from cancer than those who prefer not to masturbate.

The harm of masturbation is a myth or truth

Medicine does not recognize the fact that masturbation canphysically injuring a man, although some cultures or religious communities still recognize masturbation as a deviation from the norm, which is a sign of mental illness.

The main harm of masturbation lies in the fact that it is extremely easy to get used to, doing masturbation, you can no longer want a full sexual relationship with a real partner.

It is desirable during masturbation not to restrainejaculation, as the harm of masturbation in this case is obvious - the stagnation of the blood of the small pelvis (this also applies to the delay in ejaculation during full-time sex), which can lead to more serious consequences in the future.

Masturbation is also recognized as a problem when they are engaged in crowded places to meet their sexual needs (exhibitionism).

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