What is the mood?

October 23, 2014
What is the mood?

Consider what the concept of "mood" means, what external changes it gives out and how to change your emotional state for the better.

What is the mood: the definition

Most psychologists have come to the conclusion that mood is a characteristic of the emotional state in a certain period of time. Sometimes this word is used to characterize the signs of affectivity type dominant for a given person. Mood can be eithymic (even), hyperthymic (elevated), hypothymic (depressed), anxious, etc. The background of this emotional state is largely determined by a series of mental processes, one of which is thinking. Depending on our mood, we perceive the scale of problems differently and find different ways to solve them; it creates one of the facets of our subjective reality.

What are the details of the emotional state

These can be gestures, facial expressions, voice intonations and even the way you dressed today.Observe what color range prevails in the interlocutor's outfit: yellow - he is in excellent mood, green - he is calm and balanced, gray - signals a mental imbalance, possibly depression. Take a closer look at the person, let no detail hide from you: what music plays in his playlist, the corners of his lips are lowered or raised, when he is calm, if there is a healthy glow in his eyes, and so on.

Health Effects of Mood

There are many supporters of the theory that health and physical condition are tuned by the thoughts of the person himself. These words are even consonant: "tuned" and "mood." The emotional state undoubtedly affects the brain activity and general condition. As you know, the result of a strong emotional upheaval can be a variety of painful conditions from an unpleasant headache to an ulcer.

How to correct mood?

If you want to learn how to manage your mood, listen to the advice of psychologists:

  • Try to identify the root cause of a bad mood and try to deal with it.
  • Engage in physical activity.
  • Add to the diet vegetables, which include selenium (broccoli, asparagus, nutmeg, curry, cloves). You can eat a banana or a chocolate bar, just don’t get carried away with the “eating the goodies” therapy.
  • Do what you love or chat with nice people.

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