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What is a siege? It is a military term meaning tactical or operational.reception. By this we mean a separating operation, often taking the form of a blockade of a fortress or a city. The purpose of the siege is the seizure of a certain object, followed by assault.

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A bit of history

What is a siege? This is a surgical technique that was used in ancient times. The army is trying to seize the city or fortress. On the other side is resistance. The defenders of the fortress reject capitulation, as a result of which it is impossible to seize it quickly. The besieging army in this case blocks the objects, thereby disrupting the supply of ammunition, sometimes depriving the population of water and food. This is the siege of the city.

No war in the Middle Ages was complete without suchmaneuvers. The question of what a siege is can be answered differently. Some researchers believe this is nothing more than a war crime. Especially if we are talking about the blockade of the supply of residents of the city with food and water. Suchhardthe method was used to achieve quick capitulation

What about such operations is known from history? The siege in ancient times was carried out with the help of throwing machines, hooks, rams. With the development of military technology, much has changed. Already in the Napoleonic era, powerful artillery weapons were used, which reduced the importance of fortifications.

What is a siege? This is a term that almost disappeared in the political sense in the twentieth century. In 1914, a world war began, which showed that no fortress could stop the invasion of the army,armedmodern technology. Consider several historical events to which the term applies.

siege of the city

Siege of Paris

It occurred during the Hundred Years War. An army of more than ten thousand people attempted by storm to take up the fortifications of the French capital. Picardians defended the cityL’Il-Adamand the cardinal soldiers. In the role of the besiegers were the troops of Jeanned'Arcand Charles VII.

The girl whom the French called the messenger of God was defeated. supporters for a long timebrokehead trying to find the cause. Many believed that Jeanne was simply wrong to fulfill the order of the Most High.

The Siege of Pskov

Under this term in history it is commonly understood the battle between the Russian troops and the troops of Rech.Commonwealth. It startedAugust 18, 1581of the year. Completed after five months. The Polish king failed under the walls of the Russian city. Together with the Lithuanian prince, he was forced to negotiate with Ivan the Terrible. They ended with the signing of a peace treaty.

siege story

Siege of Sarajevo

The term has already been said, lost its original meaning in the XX century. Nevertheless, the event that occurred in the nineties of the last centurySarajevo, called the siege. It began in April 1992, ended in February 1996. As in most cases, a peace treaty became the end of a long war. He got the nameDaytonagreement.

In 1998, the film The Siege was released. The plot of the picture has nothing to do with the history of wars.

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