What is tulle and how to care for it

What is tulle, and how it looks, every modern person imagines. Today, tulle is in almost every room, while it beautifully decorates window openings. Tulle is a lightweight, soft, transparent fabric made from natural materials. Most often tulle fabrics are made of silk, cotton or polyester, and beautiful patterns are made on it with the help of special lace machines.tulle in the bedroom

History of

In the 15th century, the king of France ordered the creation of such a fabric so that it hid the face of a person, and it would be impossible to recognize him, and he, in turn, standing on the other hand, could see everyone around him well and clearly. This was not even the wish of the king, but of his future wife, who did not want to be recognized. And the masters of the French city Tulle were able to make such a fabric, which got its name in honor of the city where it was first produced.

Tulle was especially popular and spread only in the 19th century, when it was massively used to decorate windows.At that time, the whole world learned what tulle curtains are, because in combination with curtains and curtains, the windows took on a finished and rich look.curtains tulle

Initially, tulle was made by hand weaving masters, but today such specialists cannot be found. Is that maybe, who stayed in the glorious city of Tulle. Modern production of tulle fabric takes place on special machines, which, from the thin threads, are created by the principle of weaving and create these light and airy webs.

Properties and use of fabric

What is tulle, it has become quite clear, but, apart from its lightness and transparency, often this fabric also has a diverse structure. It can be mesh or have a variety of patterns or embroidery. The properties of this fabric are so universal that it can be used to solve rather unusual solutions.

There are two types of tulle fabric: smooth and patterned. Tulle with a pattern, in turn, has the following subspecies: organza, mesh, muslin and veil. These fabrics are most often used in interior design, that is, in the form of curtains.

Today, fabric manufacturers are able to offer hundreds of different window designs, but homemakers most often choose tulle because of its practicality and beauty.Tulle in the bedroom refreshes the room, adding lightness to it and creating a play of light and shadow. Also this fabric easily hides defects of walls and windows.

In addition to the interior decoration, tulle canvases have found application in the tailoring of underwear, corsets, laces, veils, light dresses, capes and even veils.what is tulle

Care measures

Just knowing what tulle is is not enough; you should know how to handle and care for it. Although this fabric is quite practical and unpretentious in everyday life, a few nuances still exist.

First, the tulle must be washed frequently, otherwise the fabric may become gray.

Secondly, before washing it should be shaken well to remove excess dust and soak for a couple of hours in warm soapy water. Hot water can not be used because it can disrupt the structure of the fabric. It is possible to wash tulle in a conventional washing machine with a delicate mode. Tulle should be neatly folded into the drum.

Thirdly, after washing you do not need to unscrew the product, you just need to straighten it and leave to dry. If it is a curtain, they can be immediately hung on the eaves, not ironed. The fabric under its own weight will finish itself.

Those who did not know what tulle is, now can easily distinguish it from other fabrics and will know how to properly care for it, so that the fabric will last for a long time and look as if it had just been brought from the store.

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