What is a snap?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
March 28, 2013
What is a snap?

Many of us kept in memory the rhymed lines that came from our childhood, which invited, called out, called to do something. But as children, we didn’t think that we used snooping in our games.

What is a snap? Callings are appeals, always in a poetic form, to natural phenomena. They came to us from far afield - from ancient pagan rituals addressed to the forces of nature. Our ancestors asked for a good harvest, a good hunting or fishing. Until the 20s of the last century, such calls existed everywhere and were recorded by researchers. Today, alas, they have disappeared from our reality, and only children continue to use the crying that came to us from time immemorial. Being formed, a small person begins to pay attention to birds, insects, domestic animals. He is attracted to the bright colors of nature. So begin to sound zaklichki: "Vodichka, Vodichka, wash my face." Or: "Spring is red, we are waiting for you." Foldable, rhymed calls are not only read, but also sung by children, which looks very touching.

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