What kind of power supply is needed?

The power supply is a very important part of the computer. It supplies the converted mains voltage to the components of the system unit. It also reduces the amount of interference of the supplied voltage and is directly involved in cooling the computer, since it is equipped with a fan (cooler).

It is important that the power supply that you purchase is of high quality, because its failure can damage the motherboard, processor and other elements of the computer as a whole. In general, choosing a power supply for a computer is not so difficult. The main thing is to decide which power supply is needed, because the characteristics of computers are quite different. We begin, of course, with characteristics that should be taken into account:

  • What is the power of the power supply?
  • Who made the power supply?
  • Quality parts and assembly.
  • What cooling system is installed?
  • Are all necessary connectors present for connection?
  • What type of power supply is needed, standard or modular?
  • Power factor correction.
  • Constructive differences.

Now about each characteristic separately.


In order to know which power supply is better for your computer, it is necessary to count the clock power of all peripheral devices installed in your system unit. Starting from the processor and ending with coolers. Having calculated this indicator, you will get a certain amount, based on which you should choose the power supply. Of course, you can take it with a margin, as long as there is no shortage of power.


About this characteristic it can be said that it has many sides. On the one hand, the choice of brand, allows you to be confident in the quality and longitude of the service unit, and on the other hand, they are worth the normal money. In general, of course, it is better to overpay, but be sure that your computer is in good condition tomorrow.

  • Here, which power supply is better to choose: Gigabyte, HEC, HiperTopower, OCZ, PowerMan Pro, Seasonic, Thermaltake, ZIPPY, Zalman, XFX.
  • Now the power supply of medium quality: Hercules, HiPro, INWIN (PowerMan), MEC, Microlab, Tsunami.
  • And power supplies that are not worth taking: Gembird, GoldenPower, Linkworld, Microlab (cheap models), PowerBox, Power Master (cheap models).

It should be noted that the choice of a cheap power supply does not mean that it will quickly break. Simply, the probability of its premature breakdown is much higher than that of power supplies from branded manufacturers.


You can see the quality of a particular power supply unit by the following criteria:

  • A quality power supply unit must be supplied in a box with a fastener and instructions, and there must also be a passport for the product.
  • Efficiency, or efficiency, which quality blocks should be no lower than 80-85%. The efficiency of the power supply is the ratio of the output power and that consumed. And which power supply is better, you can immediately determine by its coefficients.
  • On the power supply itself, its characteristics must be knocked out
  • The weight of a good block should be no less than 2 kg. Its mass directly depends on the thickness of the walls of the radiators, their quantity, and also the size of the chokes.


  • As a rule, power supplies are cooled by special fans - coolers. In modern blocks, a cooler of 80x80 or 120x120mm is used. Install the cooler or side of the unit, or the bottom.
  • If there is only one 80x80 cooler on the power supply, this may indicate its poor quality. A larger cooler, 120x120 cools the power unit more confidently, and also has a low noise level. Power supply with increased power, must be equipped with two coolers.Also, it is worth noting that high-quality coolers can also have a cooler of 80x80 in size, but on condition that the design uses radiators with deployed fins.
  • High-quality power supplies regulate the rotational speed of the cooler, depending on how loaded the processor is at the moment. After all, with increased loads, the heat dissipation of the components grows. The rotation of the coolers is regulated by pulse width modulation, or more simply, by applying another voltage to them. That's why, if you do not want your computer to make noise, look at this particular feature.

In order to know how to choose a power supply, you need to know and the presence of all the connectors necessary for your devices with which they are connected to the unit.


  • By connecting certain plugs, to various kinds of connectors, power is supplied to all peripheral devices of the computer. Therefore, when choosing a power supply, pay attention to the presence of all these plugs, and their length.
  • The number of connectors and plugs must be either equal or greater than what is planned on your PC
  • The length of the plug cables must not be less than 30 cm.It is better when this distance is longer, but not much, no matter what was shortened.

A type

There are 2 types of power supplies. The first is a standard unit in which all wires are connected without the possibility of disconnecting extra plugs. And another type - modular, in which the cable can be disconnected and connected as needed, thereby reducing the temperature in the system unit, due to the cutting off of excess wires. But modular power supplies are more expensive than regular ones, so if finances allow, a modular unit would be the best choice.

Power factor correction is a system that lowers voltage spikes and provides more stable power to computer components. Technically, it is a circuit or inductance coil.

Build quality

Without opening the case of the power supply, it is almost impossible to say what quality of its assembly. This indicator may not announce itself at once, but after about six months of work. Therefore, if you saved, despite the fact that you were told in the store that this power supply unit, although cheap, but high-quality, you can not be deceived, since only branded power supplies that are a couple of times more expensive than regular ones can boast of a high-quality assembly. Hence the next point.


Inexpensive power supplies are manufactured and sold with little or no warranty. The power supply is more expensive, given a guarantee of six months and above. This is due to the manufacturer's confidence in their product. There are power supplies with a warranty and 3 years.

You have read the article and still decided to purchase a computer power supply. How to choose an inexpensive and high-quality? The answer is, in fact, very simple. Each brand manufacturer is trying to make in its model range, a product that would be both high-quality and at the same time inexpensive, that is, a budget option. But looking for what purpose, you use your computer. If you only need it for work, then you are lucky, you can manage an inexpensive purchase. But if you use your PC as a gaming center, or a center for designing any models using sophisticated software, then you have to pay a tidy sum for a good power supply, if you just do not want your expensive computer to "fly" out of - for poor quality or cheap power supply.

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