What to cook for dinner tonight?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
1 March 2013
What to cook for dinner tonight?

Sometimes each housewife can not think of what to cook for dinner. It seems that everything has already been done recently, but I want something new and unusual. In addition, there is not always a desire to mess with dinner or lunch for too long. What to cook today for dinner, having a normal set of products, we will offer you in this article.

Easy and very tasty

Meat dishes are most preferable for those who work and those who have men in the family. Try to cook a chicken dish. Her meat is tender, very healthy and she cooks quickly. Chicken can be baked in the oven, chakhokhbili made of chicken or to stuff.

Beef or pork - worthy opponents of the chicken, if you prefer more serious meat. Tasty and fast in cooking meatloaf, especially if the stuffing is prepared for it in advance. And in general, you can make a whole heap of tasty and quick dishes from ready-made minced meat.

Sophisticated but very family dinner

If you want something tasty, unhealthy, and you have time to tinker, you can make dumplings or khinkali. Of course, it will be easier to buy them at any store, but this is a dinner for a bachelor. The purchased product will never be compared with homemade, juicy, hot dumplings with sour cream.

If the dumplings are fed up, try making lasagna. It is very tasty, especially if you take as a basis its classic recipe. The dish is not just hearty, it has a full range of taste, thanks to the different sauces, which are optimally combined with meat filling.

So what's for dinner tonight? To create the atmosphere of a family dinner, you can cook roast or meat in pots. This dish is very homemade, fragrant and creates new family values. It is good to eat in a narrow circle, sprinkling with greens. Remember and about burgers. This dish reminds of the Soviet past. Here are just cutlets can be fish, from chicken or from the liver. And chicken Kiev, with a spoon of butter, deep-fried! Garnish for meatballs can be served any: rice, potatoes or pasta.


If time is short, you can cook dinner without frills, remember simple recipes.

  • Fried potatoes. It is always delicious. You can fry potatoes with onions, mushrooms. If you want to make the dish more dietary, bake the potatoes whole or in pieces. It will turn out tasty, and you will not need to stand near potatoes with a spatula
  • Pondering what to cook today for dinner, think about the potatoes with herring. This dish has always been considered the lot of poor families, however, today such prejudices no longer exist. Moreover, it's so tasty! Before serving, sprinkle the herring with lemon juice and spread over the pickled onions.

As you can see, there are many dishes to serve for dinner. Choose and eat for health!

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