What to do if oversold?

In the kitchen, incidents can occur even in the most experienced housewives. One of these unpleasant incidents is salted foods. But do not be sad, because there are several tricks that can fix this unpleasant situation. So, consider what to do if you oversalt the dish. It all depends on what was salted.

  • Soup. The main rule is that you should not add water to salted soup, since it becomes not only tasteless, but also dull. If you oversold the soup, what to do in this situation will be prompted by one interesting property of rice. Rice is able to effectively absorb salt. Take a glass of cleaned, thoroughly washed rice, a piece of cloth from which we can make a bag. It should remain free space. After making the bag, we put there rice. For simplicity, you can take rice in a batch from the store. Omit the bag in the soup and cook rice. An oversized cream soup, sauce or sauce will be saved by peeled raw potatoes, cut into small pieces, and a cube of sugar, put in a dish before serving on the table in 5-10 minutes.
  • Go ahead, the hostess peresalila fish, what to do? Firstly, you can prepare a sauce in which you should slightly fish the fish (the same can be done with salted meat). Secondly, salted meat or fish can be offered unsalted side dish (vegetables, potatoes or rice). Thirdly, you can put salted fish or meat on the filling for the pies, using them unsalted dough.
  • Vegetables. Most salted vegetables can be saved by turning them into mashed potatoes, in a 1: 1 ratio with unsalted vegetables. Mashed potatoes will get rid of a little excess salt: milk, butter or sunflower oil, a little sugar, beaten egg white, sour cream, a small amount of flour. If salted whole boiled vegetables, you can pour boiling water on them and let stand for 2-3 minutes in the broth.
  • "And if I oversalt the cabbage, what should I do in this situation?" - many ask. First, the stew with cabbage can be saved by adding chopped fresh tomatoes, slightly browned in oil. In salted cabbage salad, add another cabbage and mix thoroughly, salt will be evenly distributed, and the dish will be delicious. Salted sauerkraut can be doused with boiling water and immediately used in cooking. Keep it after that is impossible.
  • Stuffing for meatballs.In salted minced can add grated zucchini, carrots, raw potatoes or boiled rice without salt. They will not only absorb excess salt, but also make the meatballs more tender.
  • If you overdosed jelly, what to do in this case? We need to act quickly while the brawn is still preparing. Add some water, gelatin and garlic to the broth.
  • Mushrooms If the excess salt got into the mushroom dishes, then add fresh mushrooms to them is useless, because they cannot absorb the salt. In this situation will help: rice, mashed potatoes, flour, onions or sour cream, added to the mushrooms. You can also use a small amount of water with lemon juice.

Whatever it was, salted food, according to the people will accept - a sure sign of love. So, even if these tips do not help to remove all the excess salt from the dish - you should not worry.

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