What to do if you are jealous?

Jealousy is pleasant ... Yes! It happens and such, in very small doses at the first stages of the relationship between man and woman. But then everything starts to seem not so merry. Quite the contrary. The first, as a rule, girls begin to ask a question about what to do if the guy is jealous. This is the most frequent variant of jealousy. But jealousy can overtake a girl, and even a long-living husband and wife.

Causes of jealousy

Jealousy of one of the spouses (or meetingguy and girl) arises for two reasons: insecurity in a partner or insecurity. The first situation, when the fact of treason is present, and no one hides it, we will not consider. But if you only had suspicions, you began to follow your favorite, read sms, mail and so on, then you should think about it. The reason for jealousy could be your insecurity, understanding of the superiority of others over you in beauty, grooming, communication skills, being the soul of the company and in many other ways. That's why a person begins to feel that they are changing him! "And how not to change, if I am," he thinks, "miserable, oblique and lame! And it does not matter that I once fell in love with the way I am, now they have taken - and stopped loving! ". To look from the outside to such manifestations of jealousy is even funny, but you do not want to be inside of zealous feelings to anyone!

What to do with jealousy?

First, work on yourself. Write on your piece of paper all your positive qualities, here you can even exaggerate a little, there will be nothing terrible. Read the list 3 times. So read 7 days, and this listing will make you sincerely believe that you are a bright unique person, you just can not help but love! Then write the second list, which indicates everything you need to do to become even better. For example, go to aerobics classes, learn English, get a dog. Believe me, as soon as you begin to implement your plan in stages, for jealousy you will not have any desire or time.

If you decide what to do if the girl is jealousyou to friends, you just need to show her that your communication with friends is good for you. Take her to you for a football training session, take her with you to watch the match in the club, introduce her to your friends and their wives. The problem evaporates!

But the most frequent references to family psychologistsare caused by another issue. Adult women are interested in what to do if the husband is jealous. Experts recommend not to create and provoke situations in which his jealousy may break out. The second rule is - never make excuses or forgive beatings. If you are delaying somewhere, please warn in advance. And all the time, increase your spouse's self-esteem, praise him, he is in great need of it.

And one more very important thing you need to do,if the husband is jealous. Talk to him heart to heart. Tell us how scary you are to understand that there is no trust between you. Let him also tell you sincerely what causes jealousy in him, what exactly your actions and words are. Share your thoughts on the topic of family happiness, say that there are only you and he in them. If necessary, conduct such conversations every time after outbursts of jealousy. Remember that any thought becomes customary when it is repeated aloud 21 times!

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