What to draw a child?

Any game for the child will be more interesting ifTogether with him will play adults. For example, when children are bored, you can draw for them not just a beautiful, but also developing and teaching figure. In choosing the subjects of the picture and its complexity, be guided by the age of the baby and his interests.

What to draw for boys and girls?

It is not difficult to guess that the boys will beinteresting cars, boats and helicopters, etc .; girls - princesses in elegant dresses, all kinds of flowers, etc. However, it is very important that your child develops comprehensively, and therefore invite him to go beyond his preferences.

Draw for a child 3-5 years old

Kroha is only learning to hold pencils and markers in his hands. And therefore draw a child of 3 years old can be the simplest figures - large, without complex details. itdrawingvarious geometric shapes, fruits and vegetables, the simplest flowers (such as chamomile).

For toddlers older and simultaneously useful, andjoyful occupation will be drawing and coloring letters and numbers, fruits and vegetables, elements of nature, fish, animals. Let the kid tell you what is pictured in the picture.

Draw for a child from 6 years and older

At the younger school age children are fascinated by the wealth of the surrounding world in all its manifestations, they are attracted by the colorful world of cartoons.

So invite the child to draw and color the plot pictures with favorite heroes of fairy tales, representatives of flora and fauna, scenes from cartoons. Asdrawinggrowing up a child complicate the task. For example, you can number individual parts of the picture and specify which color the sector with a particular number should be painted with. Or build a coloring on the principle of "connect the lines in such and such a manner and color the resulting image," etc.

But the child of 10 years can already be offered notjust draw and paint the picture with color, but use different materials (pencils, watercolor and gouache paints, colored pens). Let the young artist master the existing techniques of hatching, learn to darken and highlight certain areas, shade lines. In addition, a child in 9, 10 years, suggest drawing pictures with maximum detail even the smallest elements.

Draw with the child a picture as a gift

Are you going to visit friends, relatives, on your child's birthday? Offer the kid in addition to the main gift to present more and drawing.

The smallest children under the age of 4 can be instructed to draw in coloreddrawingpencils in the sun, a flower, a butterfly. But a child of 5 years and older is quite able to draw a car, a princess, a flower clearing, trees, animals and birds, horses, fish. Also, you can invite children to draw the one to whom you go to visit - a grandmother, aunt, friend, etc.

A good idea is to make a "seasonal" drawing:

  • In summer, children can draw the sea and beach, seagull, shell, crab and dolphin, fish;
  • In the autumn - trees with yellow foliage, chestnuts, clouds and rain;
  • In winter - snowmen, children on sledges, a Christmas tree with gifts;
  • In the spring there were flower glades, the sun, birds, the thawing river, which had not yet fully melted, etc.

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