What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years)?

The eve of the name of the second half always causes some panic in men. As a rule, each guy thinks what to give his girlfriend at the next stage of her growing up? Every year there are fewer options, and the desire to hit and really excite remains.

what to give your girlfriend a birthday

In order to decide on the main present, it is worthwhile to carry out a small operation to gather information: women are fickle creatures, their hearts often change the objects of lust.


It’s not so easy for the young men to decide what to give to their girlfriend for their birthday. 18 years old - it's time for a burning desire to stand out from the gray mass. Therefore, a colorful handmade bag can be a spectacular gift. The main nuance of this gift is to pick it up to the wishes of the birthday girl. Her little sister or her closest friend can help with this. If a girl prefers a grunge style, the handbag should be chosen charismatic.It can be as spacious bags-giants of coal-black color with comfortable handles and aesthetic decor, as well as small but spectacular models of unusual cut. If the hero of the occasion is an adherent of the classics and the strictest lines, you can present a clutch of warm colors.


what to give your girlfriend a birthday 18 years

A more practical gift can be a high quality original folding umbrella. Girls ardently protect their curls from the capricious elements, so such a gift for them would be appropriate. Picking up an umbrella, most of the attention is paid to the mechanism: the more harmoniously the system of latches works, the easier it will be to use fragile handles. All metal parts and even tiny connections are required to be of decent thickness. The color design depends only on the character of the girl: calm colors (black, dark blue, beige) are suitable for business people, juicy and multi-layered drawings are creative and bold.


what to give your girlfriend a birthday 20 years

What can you give your girlfriend a birthday present? 18 years is a crucial period for the weaker sex: many beauties try to capture their appearance with the help of photo and video professionals.An unusual and fully planned photo session is a real chance to win the heart of a young fashionista. You can discuss all the little things and wishes of the girl unnoticed by her. Having found in the magazine a report from the high fashion week, you can push the unsuspecting lady to reveal her secret desires. So that the birthday girl's pride does not die down in anticipation of colorful pictures, it is worth discussing with the photographer the nuance of providing a certain number of high-quality pictures in the first days after shooting. You can pass them into the hands of the girls in tandem with a beautiful bouquet and champagne, thus celebrating the beginning of her dizzying "career."

New friend

Thinking that you can give your girlfriend a birthday present, you should not ignore animals. Often people do not dare to get a pet, for fear of responsibility and new worries. The character of the birthday girl will help to decide on a pet: if a girl loves romantic gatherings, she can safely present a parrot or a handsome cat, if she is active and prefers evening walks, you can take care of her by presenting her companion a dog of your preferred breed.For the past few years, unusual for home keeping animals such as raccoons, wild cats or ferrets have also enjoyed the craziest popularity. However, before you buy a baby, you should discuss in advance with the girl her attitude to this kind of presents.

Decorative cosmetics

what to give your girlfriend a birthday 25 years

What can you give your girlfriend a birthday present? 19 years old - it's time for tight control over your body, skin and hair condition. Quality sets for the bathroom and home care will be an excellent gift from a loving and understanding man. In order not to be trapped in the choice of a suitable composition of funds, you can contact a beautician or take in the "accomplices" the best girlfriend. For decoration you should use a beautiful handmade basket, a small amusing toy and a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a scattering of sweets. It is very convenient to transport such a gift both in your own car and in crowded public transport.


You can not decide what to give your girlfriend a birthday present? 17 years is the time of the whims and desires of heroic deeds. Young ladies want to experience adventures that are not inferior to movies or fiction novels.Surprise such a person will not be easy, especially a simple student with material wealth in the form of pocket money. The original and affordable solution will be a quest for the entire company. It will be easy to persuade the comrades, because the youth is easy-going. The theme of entertainment can be chosen to suit the main character. It can be vampire battles, travel pirates, battle performers a capella. Costumes and paraphernalia must be built in advance with friends, leaving all the preparations in complete secrecy from the birthday girl. The winner will be the team of the girl, but the prizes can be distributed evenly among the participants.

what to give your girlfriend a birthday 17 years


Choosing options for giving your girlfriend a birthday, do not forget about the passionate desire of a lady to have a huge bear or panda at home. Children's enthusiasm lives in every girl, and it should be regularly encouraged, so the relationship will always be fresh and bright. To pick up a soft beast is quite simple, all toys have a pretty face and practical material. Care for such a pet is easy (you can wash yourself or use dry cleaning).Before presenting a present, it is worthwhile to elevate with the help of a laconic bow and a bouquet of nice flowers.

Fun day

what can I give to my girlfriend for my birthday

What to give your girlfriend a birthday present? If your relationship with her is still at the stage of an enchanting candy-bouquet period, you can solve the problem in two accounts. A fully planned day will be a great idea: first you can meet her from the institute (from work) with a bunch of flowers or balloons. Next, hold a cultural and educational walk in the best places of the city (this will allow you to open up a new face of your own personality), run into the pastry shop and enjoy the most high-calorie dessert of all served there. The final stage of the celebration, you can choose a picnic (in the warm season) or a theater. Many girls also have a passion for mysterious organ music and light shows. Therefore, such an event can also be included in the holiday program.

Present of a twenty year old lady

The task is more difficult if the lady of the heart has already outgrown youth hobbies. Are you puzzled over what to give your girlfriend a birthday present? 20 years is a very interesting time.At this age, the girl has many hobbies, she has already decided on her future profession. If the birthday girl is engaged in popular programming today, the best option would be high-quality hardware for the computer or additional equipment to it. If a girl has a passion for cosmetology (nail extensions, hair removal), then you can enrich her arsenal with brand new machines or modern devices (a true master will appreciate this kind of gift). If the lady of the heart is an engineer or an accountant, she will appreciate the trip out of town. There and the air is cleaner office, and less people.

that you can give your girlfriend a birthday 18 years

Subscription and perfume

What to give your girlfriend a birthday present? Sometimes a similar question baffles. What to do? Only observation and insight will help here. If a girl has been looking for a gym suitable for a wallet for a long time, you can safely present her a subscription (but when a lady goes around such places on the tenth path, you should not even hint at a similar fate, otherwise thunder will burst instead of the expected thanks). If the beauty appreciates the original fragrances and often pampers herself with new elite bottles, you can find out the most desired of them and give it.Presenting a gift is packed in opaque colorful paper to keep the intrigue as long as the scent.

Presents for a 25 year old lady

More challenging is the celebration of the 25th anniversary of an unmarried girl. After all, previously there were already presented a mass of original and practical gifts. What to give your girlfriend a birthday present? 25 years bring to life a young person a touch of wisdom and prudence. Soft elephants, monkeys and other tinsel no longer heat an adult girl. Help solve the dilemma can only interrogation with addiction. If the maiden considers diamonds, metals and furs the most important companions of life, their number can be multiplied annually without fear of being rejected.

that you can give your girlfriend a birthday 19 years old

If the woman loves herself cooking and her kitchen becomes more functional with the help of some new items, it is better to give her. So gastronomic delights will be frequent guests in the house, and the hostess will be the most positive reaction.


A separate group of beauties knows no rest without indoor plants. Wonderful orchids, mysterious spathiphyllums and dragonflies are the closest friends of many 25-year-old girls.Advantageous gift will be the completion of such a friendly company with a new individual. You can add a wonderful gift with special fertilizers, equipment and a pot for future transplantation.


The main rule of congratulations for women of any age is complete amnesia for those who congratulate on the age of the birthday girl. Wishes must be bright, kind and inspiring, but any figures should be omitted.

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What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 12

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 45

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 85

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 90

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 87

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 36

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 61

What to give your girlfriend a birthday (17, 18, 19, 20, 25 years) 59