What to wear for the New Year?

The main holiday is coming - the New Year! At heart the feeling of something new and joyful, the aroma of mandarins and fir branches is in the air, it seems that everything around has turned into a fairy tale! And in this tale I really want to be beautiful! You have been thinking about what to wear for the New Year. After all, as it was last year, I do not want to, but no new ideas come to my mind. Nothing, we will give you some simple tips on how to defeat everyone with your exquisite fabulous outfit on the main night of the year! Read and choose what you prefer.

What to wear?

  • A 100% leader is a dress. How it will be, choose you. A small black dress is always in fashion and looks extremely elegant for almost any woman. If the figure is beautiful and seductive, underline it with a dress with a deep neckline and a lush skirt. A long flowing dress will express the harmony and fragility of the figure. It will also help to hide a couple of extra pounds or a non-ideal shape of the legs.
  • Recently become popularoveralls. If you prefer a sporty style or are not used to wearing skirts, then this is the best option for you. Choose a beautiful feminine jumpsuit of juicy color from light fabric.
  • Skirt combined with elegant blouse alsowill emphasize femininity and refinement. Beautiful hips will look great in a pencil skirt, slender legs will emphasize a magnificent skirt, the original girls will express themselves by choosing a skirt with an asymmetrical hem. Blouse is worth choosing a deep pure color. An open décolleté zone is welcomed. Do not be afraid to unfasten two or three top buttons! The sleeves on the blouse must emphasize the elegance and femininity of the hands.

Colors and materials:

  • Choose "elegant" fabrics - silk, velvet, lace, satin. They look very festive.
  • The colors are deep, "tasty". Deep black, dazzling white, intimate dark blue, extravagant scarlet, calm beige and gray, romantic violet ... In a dress of gold or silver flowers, you will not remain without attention! The fatal beauty will choose a bright red dress, the refined woman will prefer black and white, romantic nature will emphasize her dreaminess with lilac, a tender girl will choose blue. Feel yourself in harmony with your outfit, then you will not be equal! A little secret: if you are going to celebrate the New Year at a disco in the club, then choose a white color. It glows brightly in the dark and will attract a lot of admiring looks to you.


  • It is important to choose the right shoes. Better shoes with heels - it will make you spectacular, and legs will visually stretch. Let it be bright - under the color of the outfit or other shade, but which will be in harmony with it.
  • Emphasize your dignity and hide your shortcomingswith the help of accessories. For example, to emphasize on a thin waist the bright belt will help you, and a slightly massive neck can be hidden with an exquisitely tied scarf.
  • An indispensable attribute is a handbag. Elegantly look bright clutches.
  • Ornaments are catchy, but in moderation. If the decoration is massive, limit it to only one.

Options for men:

  • A man is handsome in a suit. The most popular color is black. You can choose a suit of deep gray color or choose your color on beige.
  • The shirt is boiling white. If you do not want, pick a colored shirt, but not a flashy color, otherwise it will look vulgar. It can be a deep blue color, pastel, muted blue, lilac, purple.
  • If you do not want to wear a jacket, you can choose an elegant sweater from soft neck. The main thing is that it looks good and in harmony with your costume and appearance.
  • Giving festivity to the suit will help a tie, a butterfly, gold cufflinks or a well-starched shirt collar. Also, a beautiful man's watch and a ring are not forbidden.

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