What was the name of the century?

The history of the planet Earth has about 4.5 billion years. Compared with this period of time, mankind has its origins quite recently: 200 thousand years ago, a "reasonable man" appeared. Throughout history, people learned new and new skills, gained knowledge, based on the experience of their ancestors. Each book has chapters, and history has stages or centuries. We will talk about them. What were the centuries called and how did they differ from each other?

Chronology of the development of civilization

Stone Age (from about 200 to 8-9 thousand years d. N. E.)

The name of this most ancient period of development originates from those tools used by people. The main material from which the various tools that help to live were made was stone. It was the stone that was the main resource - that’s why the Stone Age is so called. A little later, tools from wood and bone appeared. By the end of this period clay became widespread. From it mainly do the dishes.

Copper Age (from about 8-9 to 3 thousand years d. BC. E.)

This stage of human development gradually allowed to move from stone tools to iron tools thanks to copper, which acted as a link.It is worth noting that, in general, this period still had the predominance of stone over copper. However, by the end of the copper age, copper and iron had replaced stone in almost all branches of human activity.

The history of the transition is very interesting. Copper nuggets were taken for ordinary stones, which they tried to process in the usual way (by striking a stone with another stone). However, in the case of copper, the pieces did not fall off, and the nugget's shape deformed. Gradually, people came to the understanding that copper can take any convenient and necessary form for this or that business. In addition, copper tools could be repaired, but the stone had to be done on a new one.

Bronze Age (from about 3 to 1.3 thousand years d. N. E.)

This period is characterized by the use of bronze and tin as a material for the manufacture of their tools. By this time, the magical properties of fire had already been discovered, which pushed the life of the ancient people by leaps and bounds forward. It was found that copper in combination with other metals is much stronger than in its pure form. Gradually, people came to the conclusion that alloys are a more reliable way of making high-quality tools, weapons, and construction tools.

The Iron Age (from about 1.3 thousand years d. BC. To 300 years AD.)

At this stage in the development of society, people learned how to create tools and weapons made of iron. Most of the iron on Earth was of meteoric origin and was processed by cold forging. However, deposits of terrestrial iron have not yet been found, so at first iron was a luxury item and rarely found use. After several centuries, large state entities were already engaged in the search for iron, and gradually the whole world moved from bronze to iron.

The main method of iron mining has become a cheese-making process. The ore was immersed in a specially dug hole filled with wood. The wood was set on fire and warmed to 900 degrees Celsius. In addition, cheese-making horns were invented, which pumped cold air into an earthen oven. As a result of chemical reactions, porous iron impregnated with slag was obtained. The slag was removed by cold forging. As a result, methods of working with iron spread throughout the planet, which led to its total use.


We have described the first stage of the formation of humanity, however, the modern stage has its own characteristics.What is the name of our age? Different researchers and philosophers call the modern stage of human development differently. This is due to the fact that modern society is too multifaceted to be able to identify at least some one common characteristic, as, for example, turned out to be a primitive history. Therefore, our age may be called the "new time".

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