Where is Kamyzyak? History of education than famous

What is Kamyzyak, where is he? This is a city in the district center. The distance from it to Astrakhan is 35 kilometers. This name became known not so long ago. The KVN team from Kamyzyaka was a participant in the 2011 KVN Premier League, and in 2015 became its champion. After that, a small town became known throughout the country.

where is kamyzyak

Where is Kamyzyak

In the Volga delta there is the Kizan river - this is one of the great branches of the great river. It is formed approximately 13 kilometers from the city of Astrakhan, through the confluence of the Kizan River and the small Eriks of Chagan and Mansur. On the left side of the river is Kamyzyak Astrakhan region, which is located in the heart of the Volga delta. The territory of the district is completely indented by rivers and branches of the great river.

The nearby railway station is Astrakhan. Kamyzyak is located in the south of the East European Plain, in the Caspian lowland. The terrain is mostly flat, located at 23 meters below sea level.


The area where Kamyzyak is located has a sharp continental temperate climate. Precipitation is extremely rare.Large differences in daily temperatures. There are very frequent winds, mostly from the north and south-east. All summer, beginning in April, dry winds are blowing here, since Kamyzyak is located in the semi-desert zone.

Kamyzyak Astrakhan region

Appearance history

The city of Kamyzyak has an ancient history. Initially, this place was a fishing uchug - a solid partition of the river, built to hold the fish going upriver. This place, rich in fish, was donated by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich to the princes Kurakin for their service. In 1560 a settlement was built here, which was named Kamyzyak. It was during these times that the name “Golden Bottom” stuck to the village, which was given to him because of the abundance of fish in the schools.

Eight years later, in these places, the Trinity Monastery was formed, in possession of which, under the Tsar's decree, in 1646, the Uchug and Troitsky Hillock passed. It was in these places that Stepan Razin was collecting a fleet for the Persian campaign. There is information that Peter I visited these places.

When tenant Mukhanov in the middle of the XIX century uchug transferred 20 miles closer to the Caspian Sea. The population left to live in the village, still engaged in fishing. Gradually the village developed.By the end of the 19th century, a brick factory, a fishing company, shops, a medical center for receiving patients who were treated by a medical assistant, a pharmacy, a parochial school, one-year schools: male and female, worked here. At the beginning of the twentieth century in the city there were 3100 people. The bulk of the population were Russians and Tatars.

Astrakhan Kamyzyak

Kamyzyak development

The field of revolution of 1917, the settlement of Kamyzyak, where 520 yards were located, received the status of a village. In 1925 it became the regional center of the newly formed Kamyzyak district. In 1972, the village of Kamyzyak became a city, more than 11 thousand people lived in it. The town of Kamyzyak is the center of the agricultural region.

Two processing plants were built to process agricultural products: rice and canning. In addition to agriculture, the population of the area is engaged in fishing. Of course, as in the entire Astrakhan region, famous Astrakhan watermelons are grown here. It is in the city that the Research Institute (SRI) of irrigated melon growing and vegetable growing is located. The city has a plant for the production of pectin from watermelons.

City infrastructure

Despite its long history, the city of Kamyzyak has a developed infrastructure. There are a college, a lyceum, two high schools, a music and sports school, a kindergarten, a clinic, two stadiums. Culture is represented by the library and the House of Culture.

The railway station is located 35 kilometers from Kamyzyak - in Astrakhan. The city has a developed network of motor vehicles, represented mainly by shuttle buses that run around the area in 5 directions. Kamyzyak is the intersection of regional and local highways connecting Astrakhan with Kamyzyak and further with Tuzukley, Karaliz, Kirovsky.

At a distance of 7 kilometers from the city, there is a ferry on the Kizan River, which serves as a link between the villages of Ivanchug, Chagan, Uvary and Kamyzyak. Also in the city there is a river pier "Kamyzyak".

Astrakhan city Kamyzyak


Like many other cities, Kamyziak has its own attractions. Not far from it is a monument of archeology - the ancient settlement Samosdelka. The site is a settlement from the time of the Golden Horde. It is located on the island, which is surrounded by old dried ducts.Also in the city opened the Museum of Watermelon. The pride of the townspeople is the church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God built in 2008.

Significant events

Since 2012, a small aircraft rally has been held in the city of Kamyzyaka. The pride of the city is the KVN team, which became the winner of the Premier League in 2015. Although to be honest, the unusual name of the city became just a recognizable brand, as the majority of KVN players are residents of Astrakhan.

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