Where are tents sold?

I want to buy a tent for a country house, you know there are such in the form of gazebos? I do not know where to start looking, will you advise? Interested in buying a tent in Moscow. And another question, will it be necessary to install it yourself?
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Answered on September 3 23:02
You know, I wanted to buy a tent for a country house at the beginning of summer, I even found a company website, where there is a sale of tents and tents. But I couldn’t make a purchase, I went to work in another country for the whole summer. Well, now I don’t even know whether to make such a purchase, it will be autumn and we will go much less often out of town. And you look, maybe something and pick up.
Answered on September 3 23:16
I will also try to find contacts, once made such a purchase. But I can’t say that he came in handy to me, literally one summer the tent stood, then I took it apart and did not install it anymore, but I spent the money decently.
Kiril Ilchenko
Kiril Ilchenko
Answered on September 3 23:26
And I do not understand why such purchases do, it's a lot of money to spend.A gazebo will cost you a lot less, even if it is built from natural wood.

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