Where to find customers?

The question of where to find customers is relevant for any business person, regardless of what stage of development his business is at, because, as you know, customers, like money, do not happen much. In this article we will analyze the most successful strategies for finding customers.


Well, of course, no one has yet come up with a more effective way to attract customers than advertising. However, many businessmen use this resource is not to the fullest.

When the Internet became available to everyone, the advertisement received a new breath. Of course, even before the global network, there were many ways of advertising, but the most effective advertising was the most expensive - television, radio, popular media. The Internet allows you to make yourself a good advertisement without huge investments, especially if your clients are young modern people.

So, the question of whether to use advertising as a means to attract customers, should not arise - of course, yes! Moreover, the more channels of communication will be covered by advertising, the better. Learn the possibilities of modern advertising, do not dwell only on the old proven methods.


Today there are a lot of exhibitions where the company can not only present itself, but also allow a potential client to try a product or service. Of course, if we take into account that exhibitions are usually held by industry, for example, an exhibition of dairy products or an exhibition of meat delicacies, we can conclude that it’s possible to stand out and be remembered at this event only if your company produces a truly quality product. Of course, stand design is also important, but in the end the consumer will choose not the best stand, but a delicious product.

Calling potential customers

This, of course, is an unpleasant task, because the percentage of refusals in such calls is very large, however, since there are consonants, you cannot refuse it. Calling is done, of course, with the expectation of a specific target audience, that is, if you produce office furniture, you need to call offices, and if your company delivers clean water, then you can call ordinary apartments. By the way, after the first call, it is necessary to make a list of the so-called "warm" customers who could not give a definite answer to your offer and periodically call these lists again.


What kind of person doesn't like freebies? The question is rhetorical, and therefore stocks have always been, are and remain a very effective way to attract customers. At the same time, today it is not even possible to plan the action independently, but to entrust its organization to some site-coupon like Biglion. Of course, you have to pay a certain commission, but no hassle.


Sponsorship is also a great way to attract customers, because when a company sponsors an event, it is not just treated as a company that produces a potentially high-quality product, but as a company that is ready to meet and help, so that not only about the promotion of the product, but also to improve the image.

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