Where to go in St. Petersburg?

In St. Petersburg, many come for a fairly short time. Therefore, in a few days you need to visit the most significant and interesting places of St. Petersburg. The task is not easy, because it can take you quite a while to visit most of the historical sights. Not to mention that the sights - this is not the whole of St. Petersburg. Where can I go besides historical monuments? A huge number of different cafes, art galleries and theaters are concentrated almost throughout the city. But if you do not have time, then you need to visit the brightest places in St. Petersburg.


  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral. First you can visit St. Isaac's Cathedral. This is a unique architectural monument, which impresses with its dimensions, beauty and richness of decoration. Usually buy 2 tickets. One - in the cathedral itself, and the other - on the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral. From the colonnade a wonderful view opens onto the historical center of St. Petersburg.
  • Hermitage.Another most common place to go in St. Petersburg is the Hermitage. Almost all the tourists who arrive in the city come there. In order to go through all the halls of the Winter Palace and examine the exhibits in detail, you will need more than one day. Many tourist groups choose the route through the St. George Hall to the Grand Staircase of the New Hermitage. Then, a tour of the “Madonna and Child” by Da Vinci, followed by a hike to the Knight's Hall and an inspection of the golden “Peacock” clock. In order to explore the Hermitage for sure, it is better to come here early in the morning.
  • Peterhof. It is called the capital of the fountains or the Russian Versailles. This palace and park complex is a must-see, especially if you arrived in St. Petersburg in the summer. Usually, fountains include only from May to September. If your visit does not coincide with this time, then Peterhof is better not to visit, otherwise the impressions will be incomplete. In order to inspect all the fountains of Peterhof, you will need a few hours. But besides the fountains themselves there are several museums and beautiful landscaped parks.

Interesting places of St. Petersburg

  • Before you decide where to go in St. Petersburg, you need to decide whether the program will be entertaining or aesthetic.
  • If you get out in the evening, then it is recommended to start, having dinner in one of the most interesting places in the historical center of St. Petersburg. To do this, the restaurant "Sac for a pregnant spy" is ideal for you. It is located on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, 17. The institution is unusual, firstly, by its interior, and the menu is quite diverse. It is suitable for thrifty visitors, as well as those accustomed to spend a lot on dinner.
  • Oceanarium. If you decide where to go in St. Petersburg, choose the aquarium. There are private exhibitions of waterfowl. And also you can see Amazon river fish, for example, piranhas and the most beautiful fish of the rivers of America and Africa. There are also seahorses, shrimps, stingrays, corals and a huge number of other marine exhibits. The pride of the Oceanarium is a large pool with sharks, which are monitored from a special glass corridor or viewing platform. At certain times during the opening hours of the Oceanarium, you can see a show of seals or feeding of sharks.
  • If you want to add aesthetics to the trip, then you can visit the Erarta Museum. This is a new landmark of St. Petersburg.There are daily performances, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, and even film shows. This museum features more than two thousand works of 150 artists of contemporary art. Erarta exhibits occupy 8,000 square meters. m. or 5 floors. Here you can see unusual author's projects, as well as exclusive excursions and interesting children's programs.
  • You can have lunch in the most popular place in St. Petersburg - the restaurant "China Town". This place is a real piece of China with an appropriate atmosphere. The restaurant has several rooms. This is one large main hall and two smaller rooms, they are banquet. A large hall can accommodate about 75 people, and banquet rooms, on average, are designed for 30 guests.

Now you know all about where to go in St. Petersburg. This will allow you to have a great time in this city.

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