Where to wash? Moscow

Where to wash? Moscow

  1. Kuntsevskie baths - 350 RUR unlimited time
  2. Here are a few options:
    1. Buy a flow-through water heater. Next year they will turn it off again, that's why it will fit in unequivocally. The cheapest (well, for example Timberk WHE-3 OC (I'm sorry, I'm not a PR brand, this is the first thing I found on the Market)) Average price: from 770 to 2 060 руб. THAN 4 BATH IN A MONTH-BETTER 1 HEATER!
    ( here and this model and others) ...
    2. No matter how funny, but perhaps either go to the airport to wash (250 rubles for example for a session in Domodedovo where everything is included) or at railway stations ...
    3. Can I still consider the showers in the pools?
    4.Simply BANI - Two-hour washing in the municipal bath costs from 140 rub. For this money, you can wash yourself in the Nekrasovskih (SEAD), Vnukovo baths (CJSC), as well as in the bath of Novo-Peredelkino (CJSC) and the bath of the fitness center Skhodnya (SZAO)
    As for commercial baths, the prices for their services fluctuate within 170 800 rub. for a two-hour session.
    In the famous Sandunov Baths, depending on the sex of the bather and the room where he will wash, the procedure will cost 500 rubles. (the first men's rank) and 300 rubles. (the first female).
    Where to wash? Moscow bath of physical fitness

    The highest male rank is 800 rubles. , the highest female 500.
    In Ochakovsky baths let the client, respectively, for 170 and 280 rubles
    In the Kuntsevo baths washing in a common room, calculated, as told to the correspondent of the newspaper. Ru on 40 person, it costs 250 rubles.
    As it turned out, the easiest way to find a sauna in Moscow is where you can wash yourself. In addition to the actual bathing there they will offer to brighten up leisure with the help of massage, billiards, satellite TV, simulators, karaoke, and also women of easy virtue. Such a bath will cost from $ 30 to $ 70 per hour, excluding sex services.
    For anyone, SELECT FOR YOU!

  3. Luzh a lot. Choose any!
  4. in a puddle)
  5. you need to put a couple of buckets of water on the stove to warm and after an hour there will be boiling water, now you can mix in the third bucket and wash yourself
  6. Have friends for a couple of bottles of beer.
  7. Moscow is a river than not an option?)))
  8. in the bath
  9. In the evening in the river.
Where to wash? In addition to the actual bathing there

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