Which dress suits me?

Each representative of the weaker sex early orLately asks herself: which dress will suit me? It should be noted that the selection of dresses depends on various factors. Of course, every girl or woman wants to follow fashion trends, but sometimes it's better to give preference to a long-known classic dress that fits perfectly on your figure, rather than put on a piece of your latest fashionable couturier's makeup.

In order for your dress to emphasize all yourdignity, concealed faults, gave your image elegance and femininity, it is necessary to be able to choose dresses in accordance with its shape. To do this, you need to determine its type.

Dresses by type of figure

In total, there are 5 types of figures: an hourglass, a rectangle, an apple, a pear and an inverted triangle.

  • If the figure is indicated by a thin waist and the samewidth of hips and shoulders, then this type of "hourglass." Women with a figure fit almost any style of dress. It is necessary to avoid only baggy models, free cut. The owner of a lush breast is better to give up a dress with an overstated waist.
  • Figure with a weakly waist and the samewidth of hips and shoulders, is called a "rectangle". For such a figure, you should choose a dress that can give it a resemblance to the "hourglass". These include low-waisted models, loose dress shirts, semi-dressed dresses with a scent, and dresses with long straight or pleated skirts. However, you must avoid direct dresses.
  • In a figure of the type "apple" is pronouncedthe hips and abdomen are prominent. In this case, preference should be given to models distracting attention from the abdominal area. It is better to choose a dress of a straight, free silhouette with a laconic cut. Thinking about which dresses are suitable, you should also understand that the figure on the dress plays an important role. So it is necessary to give preference to dresses, with vertical elongated elements and patterns.
  • The figure "triangle" assumes narrow shoulders andwide hips. Therefore, you should choose a model of dress that can visually expand the shoulders, make the hips less noticeable and indicate the emphasis on the chest. These dresses include models with a flashlight sleeve or simply with a freely flowing sleeve, as well as with various decorative elements in the chest area, soft shoulder pads and cut along the braid. Holders of this type of figure are strictly forbidden to wear dresses with tight top, low waist and too voluminous skirt. Signs of the figure "inverted triangle" are indistinct waist, narrow hips and broad shoulders. Women with such a figure need to choose a dress that will visually add hips to the volume, reduce the width of the shoulders and focus on the bottom of the figure. For this, dresses that have a trapezoidal silhouette, as well as models with a low waist, are perfect. Visually, the shoulders can already help the model with one or both bare shoulders. It is undesirable to wear dresses with shoulder pads, sleeves-flashlights, and also with a V-shaped neck.

Choose a pattern

It should be noted that when choosing a dress, a largeattention should be paid to its design. So, holders of the figure "hourglass" should avoid large drawings, it is better to give preference to small, for example, simple flower patterns, specks or peas. Women with the "apple" figure is not recommended to wear dresses with a pattern. And those who got the figure of the "pear" can wear a dress with a pattern decorated with a top and a monophonic bottom.

Length of dress

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention toand the length of the dress you choose. So, dresses with a long floor are suitable only for evening dresses or summer resort dresses. And very long dresses do not fit girls of short stature. Short or so-called "mini-dresses" can be worn only by the lucky owners of slender, long legs. It should also be taken into account the fact that wearing these dresses is only necessary in a number of special cases. Answering what kind of dress suits a full girl, you can safely say - this midi dress, which has a length slightly lower or vice versa - is slightly higher than the knee. This model is generally considered universal.

It should be noted that models of dresses up tomid-calves are not suitable for everyone, because they can visually change the growth and shape is not for the better. By the way, on the Internet you can easily find a test: which dress suits you. Having answered only a few questions, you can find out the model of the dress that suits you best.

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