White discharge: what's this?

The woman's body is influenced by the environment, as well as it affects lifestyle and nutrition system. All this, and a number of other reasons, can lead to problems related to the health of the female reproductive system. These are pretty serious questions. At the same time, the appearance of white discharge is not always associated with pathologies. In our article, we will look at why white discharge appears, what to do and how to avoid this problem.

Causes of whiter

Let's try to make out what the white discharge (whites) mean? Where and why do they come from? The reasons for this may be a whole lot.

  1. Sometimes the cause of whiter are other diseases that are a whiter stimulator (for example, bartholinitis, vulvitis or genital neoplasms).
  2. Leucorrhea may occur due to helminthiasis, vaginitis, vulvar tumors.
  3. The cause may be a cervical tumor, cervicitis or endocervicitis.
  4. Leucorrhoea may also occur due to a fallopian tube tumor.

Fifty percent of patients who came to the clinic with problems on the "female line" suffer from various diseases of the genital tract that are accompanied by leucorrhea. White vaginal discharge can be of two types.

  1. physiological;
  2. pathological.

The first type occurs in girls up to a year, or in newborns. This is due to hormonal background. Most often, this type of whiter occurs in adolescent girls. It stops immediately as soon as a regular menstrual cycle is established. White - mucous, light-colored discharge, in the structure of which threads are seen or minor impurities. If you notice that the volume of mucus is significantly increased or changed, the reason for this may be:

  • poor circulation;
  • rapid obesity;
  • allergic reactions;
  • dysbacterioses that have arisen due to antibiotic therapy;
  • contacts with bacteria carriers.

However, if the discharge of pus or blood inclusions, then should be checked for the presence of vulvovaginitis. If whites appeared in a woman during menopause, this may indicate the presence of cancer.Or they are atrophic.

The mechanism of the appearance of discharge

If a woman is healthy, and she does not have a large amount of discharge from the genital tract, then this means that all processes work normally. White discharge is what? - you ask. Do not get scared. Excessive secretions may appear in response to the pathogen. If the discharge is not abundant, then they are not the cause of discomfort. If there is a white discharge and itching, then, most likely, it is pathological leucorrhoea. They entail pain in the pelvic region, as well as itching that occurs in the vulva. In some cases, there may be a disorder of urination. Some women complain to the gynecologist about burning and itching in the genital area. It also indicates a pathological form of discharge. There may be local lesions. If the patient complains of pain in the pelvic region, it is possible that the uterus or fallopian tubes are affected by the tumor.

If a woman has a white discharge with a smell (most often sour), then you should pass a smear on candidiasis. In the people, this disease is called thrush. Because of the peculiar smell of sour milk.Candidiasis can occur for several reasons:

  • a woman can become infected from a sexual partner, who, without knowing it, is a carrier, if not protected by sexual intercourse;
  • against the background of hormonal changes;
  • due to the intake of antibiotics, the microflora is impaired.


In order to determine the exact name of the disease, you must go through the appropriate procedures. Be sure to visit a gynecologist. He will take a smear of discharge for diagnosis. Many women, especially during pregnancy, complain of cheesy discharge with a fermented milk smell, itching and burning of the genital tract. When viewed on the mucous membrane is observed plaque, which was formed due to the colonization of the fungus of the genus Candida.


After the disease was revealed, the first symptom of which was white discharge, than to treat these symptoms, the doctor should decide. The following types of treatment are usually performed:

  • etiotropic (this is when the cause that caused the disease is eliminated)
  • pathogenetic (this is when the optimal microflora of the vagina is restored).
  • physiotherapy.

If antibiotic therapy is used for treatment, then sensitivity to the drug must be taken into account. Usually, doctors prescribe a group of macrolides, tetracycline or penicillin series. The cause of whiter can also be sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, the treatment of this disease is carried out.

Treatment for thrush

  • Grass washing and douching

    Most often, for washing with chamomile or calendula. Fill a small amount of inflorescences with hot, boiled water and let it infuse for several hours. After that you can use for douching. In the same way, you can insist Calendula. Take a handful of marigold flowers and fill it with two cups of hot, boiled water. Once everything is drawn, you can use it as a basis for douching. If you want, you can alternate infusions. One day douche with chamomile, and the second calendula. But note that douching does not eliminate the symptoms, but only facilitates their course.

    For a complete and favorable treatment, preventive measures should be observed (at the time of treatment, the patient should stop having sex, follow intimate hygiene and abandon synthetic underwear).Still practicing douching soda. To do this, in a warm water (about half a liter) diluted with a couple of tablespoons of plain, baking soda. Move the resulting solution carefully and can douche. Usually this procedure is carried out once or twice a day. Focus on the prescription of a gynecologist. Soda has the ability to destroy the fungus. In some cases, a couple of drops of iodine are added to the soda solution.

  • Drug treatment

    Your doctor should give you an antifungal medication. In parallel, you can douche with herbs before taking the medicine. As regards pregnant and lactating women, many of the drugs are contraindicated. In this case, the doctor prescribes vaginal suppositories.

    There is a disease that is similar in symptoms to thrush. It is called vaginosis. The patient also observed and discharge and itching, but there is one difference. If sour milk smell is present in thrush, then in vaginosis, whites have the smell of rotten fish. And they are distinguished by a greenish tint. However, it is only possible to determine where the disease is with a smear. In order for the thrush not to appear again, you need:

    • to treat both partners;
    • take antifungals and antibiotics along with antibiotics;
    • follow the rules of intimate hygiene.

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