Who and what to ask for a birthday?

Ninety-nine percent of people from year to yearthey ask themselves a very simple question: "What should I ask for a birthday?" And even if you had any wishes before, when it's time to puzzle this question, everything disappears from the head. In order to answer it correctly and for sure, we will try to structure all the options.

what to ask for a birthdaySo, the first thing you need to decide on when to answer the question about what to ask for a birthday. All the donors will be divided into several groups.

  1. Parents. Thinking about what to ask for a birthdayfather and mother, first of all, it is worth determining the value. It will be more pleasant for them if the thing you choose is memorable and always in your sight. For example, it can be any decoration, which is made of gold, silver or medical alloy, depending on the financial situation of the parents.what a birthday present
  2. Brothers or sisters. What birthday gift can you think offrom them? They are quite suitable for a small souvenir. It can be something playful and funny, you can guess what you have long wanted to buy, but for one reason or another postponed. Also, instead of a gift, you can ask them to help organize the holiday and use it mercilessly.
  3. Friends. Here you can turn around. What to ask for dnyuha at them? It can be something tangible or emotion. The first can be inexpensive if everyone donates individually, or something significant, if friends buy it together. You can make all kinds of things and realize the most secret desires, they are friends. As for emotions, recently these are very popular gifts. For example, it can be a jump with a parachute or a flight on a hang glider, an excursion for every taste, flight in an airtrue or in a balloon. Also, you can always ask for tickets anywhere - to the theater, to a museum, to a movie or to an exhibition. Another popular group of gifts is gift cards. Almost all shops now have these. Think about which stores you visit the most, and you can include them in the gift list.what to ask for dnyuhu
  4. Favorite / favorite. What to ask for a birthday with yourhalves? As a rule, they themselves know what you want, and begin to prepare for your holiday in advance, but if your beloved / beloved has difficulties, you can tell them yourself. It is desirable that it was something personal or very romantic. It's best to come up with a gift that would make your couple even stronger. For example, it can be a romantic walk on horses or a trip to some place you've wanted to visit for a long time, or another million things that only two of you know.

Young people have a fairly simple answer, not onlyon the question of what to give for a birthday, but also about how to do it. You have been making all your so-called "wantees" all year round - this is a list of those things that you would like to have, but your hands did not reach them to buy. And before their birthday they are placed somewhere in a public place, and already your friends and relatives choose what they will give, and inform the others.

Well, in the most extreme case, if nothing comes to mind, let them give money.

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