Who more - men or women?

The problem of the sex ratio in the world or in a single country has been interested in human society for many centuries. Currently, a great deal of material has been accumulated on this topic about the sex ratio in society, both at birth and separately for each age group. These materials are rather contradictory and contain many inexplicable facts.

Who more - boys or girls are born?

What do scientists say? Based on statistical data, they answer that in the world always and in all countries, regardless of race, 104-107 boys are born per 100 girls on average. Stress, natural disasters, wars - all these factors, confirmed by statistics, increase the percentage of boys born. It has been established that males begin to dominate in the population when its numbers decrease. This applies to the plant world and to populations of marine organisms.

When asked who they want more in the family - boys or girls, in India, China, Vietnam, Serbia, Georgia and many others, they will tell you thatof course, boys. For this reason, about 160 million embryos with female sex characteristics are killed in the world every year. Women in these countries decide to have an abortion when they find out that a girl should be born to them. So much so that, for example, in China, 120 boys are born per 100 girls. Among the developed countries where the male population prevails, we note such as Australia and the USA.

The last census for 2010 gives us the answer to the question of who has more, men or women in Russia. We provide sample data:

  • population of the Russian Federation - 142,856,536 people;
  • female population accounts for (as a whole) - 53.8%;
  • among infants under 1 year old, 48.7%;
  • girls under the age of 20 - 49.2%;
  • women 21-30 years old - 50.1%;
  • women 31 - 40 years old - 51%;
  • women 41-50 years old - 54.3%;
  • women 51 - 60 years old - 57.6%;
  • women 61 - 70 years old - 64.9%;
  • women 71–80 years old — 72.4%;
  • women 81–90 years old - 82%;
  • women 91 - 99 years old - 84.5%.

Comparing age groups, it becomes clear who there are more men or women in Russia. Here it is clearly seen that after the turn of 50 years, the predominance of the female population over the male in our country becomes not just dominant, but overwhelmingly overwhelming.

Now we will try to answer the question - why are there more women than men?The main reason is their longer lifespan compared with men.

Scientists point out 7 main reasons that have a positive effect on the duration of female existence:

  1. Genetic (biological) causes.
  2. Different effects of female and male sex hormones.
  3. A woman cares more about their own health.
  4. Caution in women is several orders of magnitude higher than in men.
  5. Women are more emotional.
  6. Decision making women try to pass on to their men.
  7. Women have less bad habits.

After analyzing all of the above, we can conclude that for the existence of such a biological species as a human being, we see that mother nature itself sacrifices male individuals. Shorter male life allows for faster turnaround of men in the interests of the whole species. It is appropriate here to recall the already boring slogan of Urlanis, a well-known demographer: “Take care of men!”.

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