Who now plays Maxim Makarov - the main character of "Kadetstvo"

The series "Kadetstvo" was released on TV screens in 2006year and immediately won the love and attention of the audience. One of the central characters is Maxim Makarov. Due to this role, he became a favorite of the girls and gained recognition in the acting environment. Now Russian cinema is in crisis, young actors are compelled to take up any proposals from producers and film companies. Among them there is young Alexander Golovin. After the rapid success of the actor, little was known in the press. We decided to remind you of his achievements in cinematography in this article.

Storyline of the character

Maxim Makarov - a typical "major" and at first evencan cause conflicting feelings among viewers with their erratic actions. In Suvorov school he is given a strict father. Maxim finally angered him with his latest trick - stole the trolley. Then the young man has to show ingenuity, so that he refused to take to school. Attempts were unsuccessful, and Maxim gives the oath.

maxim of macaroons

Throughout the series there is an evolutionhero - he grows up and changes his attitude towards others. So with his charm, charisma and a flexible mind, he can not leave fans of the "Kadetstvo" indifferent. "Makar" seeks to become a leader in everything, he has an excellent sense of humor and manners. Education in the family, even though he tries to rebel, is also at a high level: Maxim studied abroad, speaks fluent English, is a connoisseur of classical music (for example, Tchaikovsky) and has a general erudition. That's why he is one of the most popular characters in the series.

characters of the television series Kadetstvo Maxim Makarov

Also attract his romantic feelings toteacher of ethics and aesthetics - Polina Sergeevna. This pair, it would seem, is doomed to failure. The teacher refutes the courtship of the suvorov in every possible way, but Maxim does not stop. Due to her soft nature and the origin of reciprocal feelings, Polina is forced to leave work in the school and leave the city. In the second season, the heroes overcome many joint difficulties. And the third season will please happy ending.

In different ways to "Makaru" are other charactersTV series "Kadetstvo". Maxim Makarov - the soul of the company, he always helps his comrades out of trouble. Although there are conflicts between them, the guys show an example of this male friendship. In the second season he has a special foe - Cyril Sobolev. They compete in any undertaking, and Maxim even leads away from Kirill a girl (Rita Pogodinu).

Ultimately, Maxim is far from being a model forimitation. He has conflicts in the family because of his youthful maximalism and much more. But this role has become a truly significant milestone career of the actor thanks to his sincerity and bestowal.

Maxim Makarov - actor Alexander Golovin

"Makar" in real life is a young andpromising actor Alexander Golovin. He has many similarities with his character, which allowed him to successfully get accustomed to the role. Alexander grew up in the family of a military pilot, and my mother devoted all her time to family and children. Surprisingly, among the Golovins he is the only person connected with the sphere of show business. He still has no acting education, despite his impressive filmography.

maxim of the Makarov actor

Alexander said that he and Maxim Makarov veryare similar to each other. The role seems to have been written specifically for him. On the set, it was difficult for him to determine where the double ends, and where everyday life begins. Sasha was related to his character so much that on the screen the viewer believes every line of his remark. The series "Kadetstvo" brought the actor a dizzying success and a large number of fans. Like in the film, in life Golovin is a very active young man with a lot of hobbies.

Alexander happily reaps the fruits of hispopularity. He likes to be in the center of attention and communicate with new interesting people, if it allows free time from filming. The actor has a fairly busy schedule, except for the movie, he appears on the stage of the theater.

Golovin can boast of his extremehobbies. He likes driving at high speed. He also likes to drive on a scooter. A quieter hobby is reading books and watching a good movie. The actor does not stop tireless work on himself, is engaged in self-development.

The personal life of the actor

Surprisingly, Alexander Golovin is still unmarried. He is 28 years old, and this is considered a suitable age for a serious relationship. But the actor declares that he does not want to think about family life yet. He is completely satisfied with the status of a bachelor. Alexander's main passion is cars. And most of his free time he devotes to a career. Golovin invests in every role all mental forces.

Of course, the press has repeatedly attributed to Alexanderbright novels with colleagues. For example, the relationship with Elena Zakharova, who played the teacher, who was in love with Maxim Makarov, did not exactly get to the wedding. Couple for ratings of the television series gave certain interviews, but no more. Once the journalists even suggested the connection between Golovin and the secular lioness Ksenia Sobchak, but the actor himself did not comment on this assumption. He does not take his personal life on public display, which he has every right to.

maxims of the role

Maxim Makarov: roles

Makarov - one of the most prominent roles of AlexanderGolovin. But besides that, he played in many famous films, such as the drama "Bastards", the comedy "Firs", the melodrama "Cinderella 4 x 4: Everything begins with desires ...". At a young age he was lucky enough to get into the children's troupe of the legendary performance "Nord-Ost". And the earliest screen tests the actor went to the children's newsreel "Yeralash". In general, his filmography has about 40 films and serials.

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