Why does not go to ICQ?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 6, 2013
Why does not go to ICQ?

Quite often, ICQ instant messaging users are faced with the fact that this program does not start for unknown reasons. In order to understand why it doesn’t enter ICQ, you need to understand what are the problems that hinder the work of this program.

  • It happens that when registering a new ICQ number, the user forgets to specify attach e-mail, that is, an e-mail address to restore access. In addition, you can simply forget the password or the answer to the secret question to recover your password. Some users simply forget to save the password on the computer and can not remember it. In this case, there is no possibility to recover the password, so you will have to register a new ICQ number. To avoid this, it is recommended to always indicate attach e-mail, as well as not to forget secret questions and answers to them.
  • It also happens that by mistake a user typed a password in Russian letters, so it is not possible to log into ICQ.To avoid this, you need to try to change the Russian-language password or a password that has special characters to acceptable. It should be noted that the site of this service does not allow performing such operations, therefore, to restore access, you need to use a special program for converting passwords.

If none of these methods helped, then there is a high probability that the account was hacked. To restore access to it, you need to use the primary email address (attach). If at registration only an additional address (primary) was specified, then it will be impossible to recover the password. We hope, now you figure it out, why not go to ICQ, and can eliminate all the causes.

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