Why does the air conditioner not turn on in the car: possible causes and advice of the master

In modern times it is very difficult to imagine a comfortable car without air conditioning. This option is available even in the most budget models. Often there is a situation that at the most necessary moment the conditioner does not turn on. Let's look at typical causes and methods for resolving this problem.

Why is this happening?

If the air conditioner suddenly stopped working or turned on, you should not immediately go to the nearest service station and pay for diagnostics and repair. You can check the unit yourself - many faults are resolved with your own hands. If the air conditioner does not turn on, experts recommend checking the main units. And to understand what to check first, you need to know some of the causes and symptoms.cause air conditioning does not turn onIn fact, there are only three reasons for not including this device.This is a broken start button, poor contact or lack of it on the compressor, as well as a small amount of refrigerant. This is all that should be checked if the air conditioner does not turn on.

Check the button and wires

Each car has any "childhood" disease and weak points in the electrics. Over time, these places can deliver serious problems to the owner. On many cars, you can observe the poor quality of soldering in the control unit of air conditioning or climate control. It is often possible to read on specialized forums that wires have fallen off from the compressor.

Speaking about the power button, it should be noted that when you click on it, the computer receives a request to turn on the air conditioning. If there are any problems in the button or its circuit, the control unit simply does not know about the desire of the car owner to create a comfortable temperature in the cabin.why the air conditioner does not turn onIn this case, you can only check the connectors on the compressor and the button with a multimeter. If the circuit is intact and the request is received by the ECU, the unit does not have to complete the task. Therefore, if everything is working properly, but the air conditioner does not turn on, you need to dig deeper.

Refrigerant Lack

If the system does not have enough freon, then the control unit will never turn on the air conditioner, or rather will not start the compressor. You can check it for a long time for serviceability, but there will be no sense from it. With your own hands, there is little that can be done - experts recommend contacting professionals in repair, diagnostics and refueling of this equipment. Many motorists think that they will be able to fill the air conditioner with their own hands - this is a delusion. Run all the technology in the garage will not work.

About self-filling auto air conditioners

Some motorists talk about cartridges with freon R134, as well as how to use this product to refuel. These tips should not be used. Nothing good will come of it, and the worst is a water hammer.

There are only two types of refueling - the liquid phase or the gas phase. If the cylinder is in the upper part, then the filling is made by the gas phase. If the balloon is in an inverted position, the freon will be liquid.

The phase in the form of gas is allowed to be pumped into any lines - both low and high pressure while the compressor is running.But the liquid freon can safely flow only in high-pressure lines. If you remember how the air conditioner works, the compressor compresses the gas, but not the liquid. If you apply liquid in front of the compressor, it will break.

It is also necessary to remember that in the air conditioner is not the pressure of freon, and weight. On the plate located under the hood, the amount of refrigerant and oil is written in grams, but in units of pressure.air conditioning in the car does not turn onFor refueling, it is better to use the services of professionals who, with the help of a special installation, perform the procedure correctly and without harm to the system. The cost of the service is about 700-1000 rubles.

If the compressor fails

It happens that the button works, the amount of refrigerant is sufficient, but the device does not want to work. It probably does not turn on the air conditioning compressor. It may not work due to a loose or torn drive belt. Also, the compressor will not turn on if there is a refrigerant leak. But the causes of leakage can be various defects on the device case, line breakage, worn rubber gasket. These are the main reasons when it is impossible to start the air conditioning compressor.air conditioner does not turn onFirst check the condition of the belt. It is important that he was taut.If there are cracks on the belt, this indicates a malfunction of the element. Such a drive needs to be replaced. If the belt is fine, but it has minor damage, it should be replaced.

Further, it is recommended to carefully inspect the housing of the unit. It should not be any stains. Leaks can be oil or refrigerant. If drips are visible, this is a reason for serious testing. For a more accurate diagnosis of the unit is removed from the car. Defects in the case through which the refrigerant leaves cannot be repaired. The device should be replaced with a working one. Experts say that modern auto air conditioners are difficult to repair, and most components are completely disposable.

It is also recommended to diagnose the gasket. It should also not be any residue of freon.air conditioning compressor does not turn onNext, check each tube, which is part of the system. They are rubber, which means they can crack or fray. As a result - the refrigerant goes away, the air conditioner does not want to work.

Other faults

There are several other reasons, which are not always, but still lead to the failure of air conditioning compressors.Consider them, although they are quite rare.

The first reason is the problem in the electrical part. The practice of repair and maintenance of air conditioners shows that the pressure sensor most often fails. Its task is to turn off the system when there is a critical level of pressure in it. If the sensor fails, it can lead to various consequences. Most often breaks the highway. This is accompanied by steam from under the hood and dashboard in the cabin. However, the sensor fails and is quiet, with no effects. It simply “freezes” in the position when the pressure is high and the air conditioner does not turn on in the car.

A rather rare but still existing problem is a polluted condenser. If it is clogged, pressure inside the system increases. The sensor sends a signal to shut off the compressor. This problem will not be visible immediately, but only after a few minutes of air conditioning. Only in the most difficult and running cases, the air conditioner will not turn on. This problem can be solved. In this case, the system is washed and the condenser is removed for cleaning.

Fan failure

If the air conditioner fan does not turn on, this is another one of the reasons why the compressor and the air conditioner may not start. The function of the fan is to cool the coolant additionally.However, this element is not in all air conditioners, and breakdown is quite rare. Symptoms - noise at work or the complete absence of any rotation. The temperature inside the car will be slightly higher than necessary.the conditioner fan does not turn onAmong the reasons we can single out worn bearings, electrical disturbances, mechanical defects and damage.

Electromagnetic clutch

This is another reason that can provoke a conditioner failure. This fault is quite common. Why doesn't the air conditioner clutch turn on? It does not work due to the failure of a special thermistor, which is located directly in the clutch itself. Specialists in the service station change the non-working part entirely. However, you can save and replace the resistor on the copper core. Then you can again enjoy a comfortable temperature in the cabin.


If the air conditioner does not turn on, the reasons should not be sought in evaporators, radiators, drive belts. For these reasons, it may not cool the air, but it will turn on and even work.the conditioner clutch does not turn onIn most cases, failure to turn on occurs due to a low level of refrigerant.In such a situation, you need to go to the service station, where you can fill the system professionally and technologically. In just half an hour, you can forget about the climate system for several years. You can buy a kit for refueling, but it is quite expensive.

The best thing is to get involved in prevention and in the prevention of problems instead of buying a set. So, in winter, once a week you need to turn on the system for 5-10 minutes. So we eliminate the appearance of condensate and provide lubrication with all the necessary parts. Periodically wash radiators. Timely prophylaxis will save serious sums for repairs and refilling of air conditioning. And no longer have to think why the air conditioner does not turn on.

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Why does the air conditioner not turn on in the car: possible causes and advice of the master 50

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