Why doesn't she give?

The relationship between a man and a woman has always been and remains a topic for the hottest discussions. And how could it be otherwise? After all, this topic concerns everyone to one degree or another! Everyone knows that a full-fledged relationship is impossible without sex. This is a process that not only brings pleasure to partners, but also allows them to exchange energy, to express something that cannot be said with words. Men, by nature, are more in need of sexual discharge. Usually, they need to have sex more often than women. Often, the stronger sex, having attempted to start an intimate relationship, is refused. The reasons that a woman invents in order to avoid sex have already become a talk of the town: either her head hurts, or she is tired at work ... What are the true causes of female refusals, or why she does not.

It should be noted that the reasons can be both psychological and physiological (well, really tired or critical days, for example). Typically, the rejection of sex is still in the field of psychology. Relationships in a couple are of great importance: whether this couple is already in a relationship, or a young man is seeking a girl with whom he met. Such a current as a pickup truck that teaches young men how to quickly get acquainted with a girl (after getting rid of the complexes) and start intimate relations with her has become popular now. We will talk about this flow now.

Why she does not give (or what mistakes should be avoided):

  • Good boy: note that women rarely love very positive, correct, good men. Give them a guy who has the power. Which can and a mat to shout sometimes, and get drunk and fight. To such men women pulls. So don't try to be too good.
  • Like by all means! You saw the girl of your dreams, but she doesn't even look at you. No matter how hard you try, she will not feel differently. You will not be able to convince her to treat you with more sympathy. Therefore, if a girl is not interested in you, as in a man, it is useless to ask her, beg, persuade, give arguments ... Can it be better to switch to another object?
  • Predict every wish! Often young men, in order to please the woman, begin to do everything possible and impossible to get her approval.In fact, women are even annoyed by men who constantly curry favor with them and, as they say, blow away dust particles. At the other extreme, of course, it is also not necessary to start up - to treat a girl rudely, to ignore her interests and desires. But you should not walk in front of a woman on her hind legs and wait for her approval in everything!
  • Feelings can not buy! Do you take her to the cafe and to the cinema, buy flowers, gifts, and the result is zero? This is not surprising! If you spend too much money on a girl, she may take this signal quite differently: that you are not interesting enough as a person, so you are trying to buy her attention.
  • Do not rush with feelings. Beautiful girls constantly hear compliments and assurances of love. So stand out from the crowd of her fans, and do not begin to repeat on the second date, how much you like her!
  • Appearance is not everything! Do you have the appearance of not Brad Pitt or Antonio Banderas? Do not worry! Women do not react so clearly to the appearance of a man as to his ability to behave, to keep the conversation going, to give the companion a feeling of confidence and security. Of course, you need to look neat and follow the rules of personal hygiene.Girls are very repelled by unwashed hair, unwashed shoes, dirty nails and holes in clothes! So take care of yourself, but not complex about the appearance!
  • Respectability - does it matter? Now many girls are interested in whether you have an expensive BMW and how thick your wallet is, but fortunately not all of them. More important for women - your personal qualities. Are you an interesting person? Can you master your body language?
  • watch your language! If you like to chat with friends about your love affairs, and the girl knows about it, do not hope that she will go to have sex with you! Who is nice when having a beer, discussing "what is she in bed"?

Do not make these mistakes, and the girl will not stand! You will no longer be bothered by the question "why does she not give"! The main thing to remember, girls love confident, relaxed, optimistic young people who are ready to give joy to their beloved and get it yourself!

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