Why doesn't she write?

Very often, we are waiting for something from our relatives and loved ones: call, letter, meeting, gift, elementary attention. Why do situations of waiting arise, and how does it happen that expectations do not coincide with reality? Why she does not write to him, and he does not call her?

Usually, when relations are at the initial stage of development, attention is paid to both parties enough: here there are numerous messages, and calls, and meetings under the moon, and everyday surprises to each other. This is due to the fact that during the initial acquaintance we try to learn about a person as much as possible, we are drawn to him, we try to spend every spare moment with him. Such a mutual reorganization of the human brain in the regime in which it seems that this will always be. But this sensation is deceptive.

After some time, we begin to catch ourselves thinking that something has changed in the relationship, and, already, everything is not as rosy as it might have seemed before. We no longer write so often to each other, do not call for every little thing, do not be sad and do not think about the person as it was at the beginning.And this feeling starts to frighten us, especially if one treats this normally, and the second is afraid of losing (or already knows what is the loss of a loved one). In fact, relationships cannot always be maintained in the same vein as originally, and this is quite natural, since love, like any other psychological state of a person, tends to change. But, many girls, and even boys, start to ask themselves a question day after day, and why doesn’t she write or call?

The reasons for the "cooling" of the second half

So, what could be the reasons for such inattention and unwillingness to communicate with your loved one?

  • A person does not have the technical ability to write / call / come;
  • the person is busy with urgent or heavy affairs;
  • a person does not want to look too intrusive and annoying;
  • a person is waiting for you to write / call / come to him;
  • a person is offended and does not want to go first to a rapprochement;
  • the man turned his attention to another;
  • the person just wants to be alone.

Here is a list of the most frequent reasons for the "cooling" of the second half, but, as usual, any other assumptions may arise in the head of the second half — everything, in this case, depends on the situation.To avoid this, it is easier to take the very first step, and find out the cause of inattention to his person.

Reasons for total disregard

As a rule, the first step, taken from any side, is triggered, since rarely anyone who does not respond to the person with whom he was once close. If this happens, and in response to your questions, you hear silence on the phone, your letters remain unanswered, and you simply do not open the door, then here are the following options for the situation:

  • look for the reasons for such behavior in yourself (perhaps you did something that you don’t want to not see or hear from);
  • look for the reasons for such behavior in your loved one (quite likely, you were just another love adventure, and, now, with your questions and calls, you just don’t fit into the next “love” of your passion).

Naturally, relations with loved ones and friends are purely individual for everyone, so if you want to know the real reasons why she does not write, try, nevertheless, to talk to the person and clarify everything.

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