Why snakes?

Our dreams, entertaining and boring, are impregnatedthe experiences of the past day, or they carry in themselves some symbols and omens, carry us to a forgotten past or a distant future. The content of dreams, and even more so their clues, are still interested in people's minds. Why snakes, and what does that mean? Different dream books give definite interpretations to this dream.

The esoteric dream book speaks about serious events in life.

  • If the snake curled in a ring - prepare forimportant time in your life. If the snake lies on the ground unfolded, it means dangerous adventures. If it attacks you, be prepared for danger.

The dream interpreter of Freud gives an interpretation of sleep from the point of view of human libido.

  • If a man sees a snake in a dream, then it means his good sexual tone, since a snake, like any one that is choking, is a phallic symbol.
  • If a woman sees in a dream a snake instead of her partner, then it promises positive changes in the relationship.
  • If you see a snake in your dream, from which you run away, then it means some problems in sexual life.

Miller's dream interpretation explains why the snake's bite is dreaming.

  • If a woman sees in a dream that she is bitten by a snake, this means that she will soon face the hypocrisy of a friend or girlfriend.
  • The writhing snakes signify the coming struggle, the killing of the snake - the triumph over the rest of the people.

The Muslim dream book also gives an interpretation of what the snake-snake dreams about.

  • If a person sees a snake as obedient to him, then hewill soon achieve victory and gain wealth. If a snake bites a person in a dream, then soon those who stand above it will afflict him. Pay attention to your immediate superiors and do not give cause for a "snake bite".

Persian dream book.

  • The snake means someone else's secret malice and cunning.

Slavic dream book.

  • Snake - cunning, treachery. A crawling snake means illness, a snake's bite - an enemy. The pain of a snake bite means that you are so carried away by something that you will become unconscious. Be careful with your passions and hobbies, otherwise they can "sting" you.

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