Wobblers "Kosadaka": reviews, price, rating

Today, the market of fishing baits for predatory fish is overflowing with the most diverse types of fish, both expensive branded and cheap Chinese fakes. I don’t really want to use both, the first - because of the high cost, and the second - because of the low quality and low efficiency. The solution to the question of choice appeared a few years ago, and a little-known Japanese firm helped in this.

Kosadaka and its products

Kosadaka is a small and young company from Japan specializing in the manufacture of products and accessories for amateur fishing. Its products, in particular, wobblers, appeared on our market just a few years ago, but in such a short period of time did they gain unprecedented popularity? "What is the secret?" - you ask.

Kodasak Wobblers

In fact, there is no secret. The company's specialists decided to combine the two best criteria for their products: high quality and low price. This was achieved thanks to the fact that Kosadaka did not develop or construct baits,but simply borrowed the best and time-tested models from world-famous companies. Further their release under the brand was adjusted.

Today Kosadaka wobblers created a serious competition for branded products, not to mention fakes. High-quality plastic, high hydroacoustic characteristics, the widest range and low price have created a completely new segment of baits. But the main thing is that fishing on Kosadaka lures is not inferior in efficiency to fishing using branded baits.

Specialization and features

The range of baits of the company is quite diverse and has no narrow specialization. Wobblers "Kosadaka" allow fishing on:

  • chub;
  • perch;
  • pike perch;
  • pike and others

The peculiarities of these lures include the possibility of choosing the same model with different depth capacity. In other words, almost every wobbler has twins with a different length and angle of the blade. In addition, the "Kosadaka" releases its bait in a variety of colors. This makes it possible to more clearly pick up a wobbler depending on the conditions of fishing.

Kodasaka wobblers reviews

Let us consider in more detail several best models for each of the listed fish species.

Crankbaits on the chub

Fishing on the chub, taking into account the special care and fastidiousness of this fish, requires a clear geometry and a certain behavior of the bait in the water, because of which the fishermen specializing in its fishing, have in their stock a few dozen different nozzles. The kosadak hollow-headed wobblers are more versatile, so you don’t have to carry a whole arsenal with you.

  1. Gravity CS 55 - 55-mm sinking wobbler with flat sides. Intensive vibrations and negative buoyancy allow it to remain in the upper layer of water for a long time.
  2. Boxer XS and XL are the most common universal wobblers on the chub. They differ in size (45 and 50 mm). XS is more suitable for coastal shallows, and XL - for fishing on water shallows.
  3. Roger - a series of wobblers with a wide amplitude of oscillations, different in size, weight and degree of penetration. They are considered the best in catching a big chub.
  4. Ion XS 32, XL - small and light (about 2 g) wobblers, characterized by buoyancy. Intended for near fishing, as well as rafting along the stream under the coast.Fishing for wobblers Kodasaka

Wobblers on a perch

The perch is an unpretentious fish, but it is not always possible to fool it. The following models are intended for him.

  1. Kurado XD 50 - deep crank, deepening up to 3 meters. It has an excellent game in both stagnant and flowing water. Perfectly proved when catching "hunchback".
  2. Ion XS 55, 70, XS 32, XL 32 - universal baits for perch of different sizes. Applicable for any type of posting, from uniform to jig.
  3. The RAT V 50S is a small, sinking, flawless wobbler. Used for fishing places and search for the active perch.
  4. Beagle XS, XL - universal shed (43 mm). Can be used on perch of any size.

Sudachie wobblers

It is better to hunt perch in the late evening or at dawn when it feeds on the shallows. These features were taken into account in the production of the models below.

  1. Ion DD 90 is a large sudach lure with a depth of up to 4 m. It is intended for fishing waterbrows and dumps.
  2. Ion XS 90 - wobbler, popularly called the "night killer of pike perch." Ideal for fishing at dusk.
  3. Trol DD 80 is a trolling model for surface wiring.
  4. Costa XS - another superficial sudachy wobbler. Perfect for catching "mustache".Wobblers Kodasaka on pike

Pike Wobblers

Wobblers "Kosadaka" on the pike have the largest range.

  1. Ion XS 90 F is a classic pike model of the class “minnow”, recessed up to 1 meter. Great for snap wiring. It has good flight characteristics, so it can be used for long-distance casting.
  2. Cord R 90 - surface composite wobbler to search for active pike on a large area. Best behaves with uniform wiring.
  3. Cord XS 75 is a smaller copy of Cord R 90, which can turn 90 degrees with a strong jerk that the pike just loves.
  4. Meta is a low-frequency model with dimensions of 80 and 95 mm. It has increased stability and is suitable for stop-n-go type wiring.
  5. Mirage XS 85 - active surface crank with a depth of up to a meter. Having a weight of more than 15 g allows you to quickly find a pike in a large area.
  6. Inborn XS is a good lure for the “lazy” summer pike, which is able to awaken the hunting instinct in it by its appearance and game.
  7. Mascot is a universal bore crank, occurring in several depths.Kodasak wobblers price

Wobblers "Kosadaka": reviews

Studying the practice of using Kosobaka crankbaits, it is worth noting that negative reviews of its products are extremely rare.If this happens, then they are not related to the quality of the baits themselves, but more to their behavior in the water under certain conditions. But after all, branded models are not without this drawback.

Consider the most discussed wobblers "Kosadaka". Reviews about them are very different, but in most cases - positive.

  1. Cord-R - exactly copied model of the popular wobbler Jackall Tiny Magalon. Differs in high efficiency, well and precisely flies, it is very realistic. There are no flaws.
  2. Ion is a clone of the famous Rigge model from ZipBaits. It has good catchability, suitable for long-distance casting. It is distinguished from the original by the understated quality of the game and the degree of buoyancy. Not too sensitive. Because of this, Ion is more suitable for beginner spinningists.
  3. Mirage XS is an excellent copy of the Khamsin Japanese karasik-shed from Zip Baits. Nothing bad to say. Great game, good handling, complete versatility.
  4. Meta is a well-copied Jackall Squad Minnow. It is made with high quality, but it has low flight characteristics, therefore, it is better not to use these Kosadaka wobblers for long casting.Rating of wobblers Kodasaka

The best of the best

Now let's try to figure out which of the models listed are most popular for fishing on a particular fish, and also dwell on their value.

  1. The Ion XS 90 F is the best model to top the rating of Kosadaka crankbaits for pike. It has a high catchability regardless of the season. The price of this bait is about 350-400 rubles.
  2. Ion XS 90 - the best sudachy wobbler, deservedly claiming the "gold" in popularity among lovers of zander hunting. The cost of this model varies in the range of 350-370 rubles.
  3. Kurado XD 50 is the leader in perch baits. Also works great on pike perch and pike. These are the most common and purchased Kosadaka wobblers. The price of this model does not exceed 350 rubles.
  4. The Boxer XS is the best wobbler on a chub in our ranking. Unusual, at first glance, the shape, bright colors and the ability to choose the size made it the most popular among the pochs. The cost of a wobbler Boxer XS is about 300 rubles.

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