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Victor Erofeev - Russian prose writer, host and author of the program "Apocrypha". It was not easy for the writer to win the domestic reader. Victor Erofeev writes about Russia and for Russia. His books, however, are very popular in the West. For more than ten years the works of Yerofeyev have not been printed at home. He was called and opportunist, and the creator of pornographic reading. The writer himself believes that only people who are deprived of complexes, fears and prejudices can read his books.

Viktor Yerofeyev


Viktor Vladimirovich Erofeev was born in 1947 in the family of a Soviet diplomat. The future writer spent most of his childhood in France. Then the family returned to Moscow. Viktor Yerofeyev graduated from the capital school, entered the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University. Then - in graduate school. His dissertation was published in the USA. This work is dedicated to the work of the writer Dostoevsky and French existentialism.


At the beginning of his career, Viktor Yerofeyev published several works in the USSR.At first his books caused positive emotions from Soviet critics. The young author was admitted to the Writers' Union. But in 1979, he was expelled from this respected organization. Viktor Yerofeyev is a writer whose works have not been printed in his homeland for almost ten years. This is despite the fact that he created one book after another. In the West, on the contrary, Erofeev published. Some of his novels have been translated into all European languages.

The most famous work of Erofeev is the novel "Russian Beauty". The story "Life with an idiot" has caused positive reviews from Western critics. This work is easily the basis of the opera Schnittke. Famous are the books that Victor Erofeev created in the late nineties. The writer became famous in his homeland thanks to such works as "Men", "Russian Flowers of Evil", "Good Stalin". The latter has been translated into twenty languages. There is information that the Hollywood filmmakers are planning to film The Good Stalin novel.

Yerofeev Victor Vladimirovich

Viktor Yerofeyev is a laureate of several prestigious literary awards. Among them is the Nabokov Prize. The hero of this article is also a member of the Russian PEN Center.

Scandalous writer

Viktor Yerofeyev, whose biography as a writer took shape in the seventies, is a significant figure in Russian literature. At the beginning of his creative career, he became one of the organizers of the Metropol collection. For which he was expelled from the Writers' Union.

Creativity Victor Erofeev causes outrage and admiration. The novel, which brought him fame, called pornographic. This work is Russian Beauty. It contains candid scenes and obscene language. But, despite the angry attacks in his address, Yerofeyev writes today. His books are well published. Films are shot on them. As already mentioned, one of the stories even created an opera. But the personality of this writer causes contradictory feelings both among critics and readers.

"Encyclopedia of the Russian soul"

It is worth a few words to say about the book, in connection with which a collective complaint to the prosecutor’s office was made to the author. In 1999 Victor Erofeev published the Encyclopedia of the Russian Soul. The nationality of the author of this book (and among the ancestors of the writer only Russians) did not prevent him from expressing extreme Russophobic judgments. At least, this is how many readers in the homeland of the prose writer perceived the book. The author himself claims that one should not confuse the opinion of the writer with the statements of his characters.In defense of Erofeev made his colleague - Russian playwright Vladimir Sorokin. The criminal case under article 282 of the Criminal Code was not initiated.

Viktor Yerofey writer

"Russian beauty"

This novel Viktor Erofeev published in 1990. The heroine of the semi-fantastic work is a woman from the province, who, after an unsuccessful marriage, leaves her native city and goes to Moscow. In the capital, Irina Tarakanova - this is the name of Erofeyev's “Russian beauty” - leads a vicious way of life. Provincial meets with men and women, indulges in amorous pleasures, often resorting to perverted forms. Then Tarakanova surrenders to the power of a certain Usurper, goes abroad, returns to Moscow again. At home, her deceased lover waits for her not so long ago, who intends to marry her.

In general, the plot of Erofeev's novel is rather unpredictable. But, despite the scandalousness of this work, and perhaps, precisely because of him, the novel received wide recognition in Europe. In 2001, the book of the Russian avant-garde author was filmed by the Italian director Cesare Ferrario. The creator of "Russian Beauty" did not like the picture.

viktor erofeev books

In this novel, Viktor Erofeev earned about half a million rubles. In the early nineties, hardly anyone of the representatives of national prose could have dreamed of such a fee. Erofeev was one of the first to report on women's issues. Perhaps this explains the success of "Russian beauty."

Other works

Yerofeyev Fenya, published in 1979, is Yerofeev’s debut piece. Years later, Life with an Idiot was published. This symbolic work, in which profanity is abundantly present, caused a lot of angry reviews from readers brought up in Russian classics. Viktor Yerofeyev writes prose, which is far from being understood by everyone. "Life with an idiot" was also filmed in Russia. In 1993, Alexander Rogozhkin’s film of the same name appeared on the screens.

Other writer's works:

  1. "Five Rivers of Life."
  2. "Russian flowers of evil."
  3. "Labyrinth two."
  4. "Navel".
  5. "Luxury".
  6. "Ball lightning".
  7. "Good Stalin."
  8. "The light of the devil."
  9. "Russian apocalypse."

New romance

The last book by Viktor Yerofeyev - "Akimuds". The work was published in 2012. The heroes of this novel are fantastic aliens. They appeared in Russia and are trying to show the true path to it."Akimuds" Erofeev wrote more than three years. This work is the most voluminous of them created before.

Viktor Erofeev biography

The author called his last novel a parody of "The Master and Margarita". What is the reason for this wording? After all, the plot of the novel by Erofeev has, at first glance, nothing in common with the Bulgakov book. The fact is that the work “The Master and Margarita”, even after numerous readings, raises many questions. According to Yerofeyev, Woland did not pay much attention to Bulgakov. After all, he arrived in Moscow when Russian culture collapsed, spiritual values ​​were destroyed. In the novel “The Master and Margarita” there are many tragic and comic. But the historical aspect of Bulgakov in his book did not touch even in passing.


Viktor Yerofeyev is the author of numerous political articles. In “The War for the Image of Russia,” he talks about a new cold war. In the article “Praise to Stalin”, Yerofeyev tries to answer the question of why in Russia today there are so many people who love and even idolize a person who has destroyed a good part of the representatives of his own people.


In 2008, the writer took part in the show "The Last Hero."But since he refused to jump into the sea from the ship, he dropped out at the beginning of the season. He later said in an interview that he was excluded not because of cowardice, but as a result of a conflict with the organizers of the show, who unfairly treated individual project participants.

Erofeev is the author of the program "Apocrypha", which goes on the channel "Culture". This project is devoted to literature, its connection with various spheres of human society. Personality, culture and society - the subject of the program is focused on these concepts. Apocrypha has been published since 1998. In 2004, the program "Teffi" was nominated by Viktor Yerofeyev.

Personal life

The writer from his first marriage has a son. Oleg was born in 1976. Erofeev's first wife is Polish designer Veslava Skura. Oleg Erofeev works in the publishing house of his father: creates covers for books. Veslava Skura left Poland long ago. Now she lives in Moscow. Erofeev maintains friendly relations with her. Moreover, not so long ago they had a granddaughter. In Katya, the daughter of Oleg, the blood of two writers joined. The wife of the writer's son is the great-granddaughter of the famous Vitaly Bianki.

The second time Yerofeyev married photographer Yevgeny Prokopyuk. She has a daughter, Maya, who was born in 2005. Eugene was thirty-four years younger than he was from Ukraine.

Viktor Yerofeyev nationality

The famous mother of Maya Erofeyeva is more under the euphonic name of Zhenya Durer. The famous prose writer divorced the girl. He took his daughter from Evgenia, for which she subsequently gave a frank interview to journalists, in which she told about the intimate preferences of the author of the Russian Beauty.

Erofeev did not react to the attacks of his former lover. Still, the girl’s mother, after parting with the writer, could not calm down for a long time and continued to give angry interviews in which she not only complained that Yerofeyev had taken her daughter away, but also that the writer tried to deprive her of real estate in Crimea.

In 2010, the prose writer married again. This time his girlfriend became a girl who is forty years younger than him. Erofeev assures that it is difficult to find a common language with the same age. When he communicates with a woman who is several decades younger than him, he feels he has returned in the period of his youth, which, alas, is long gone.

creativity of Victor Erofeev

Daughter Maya lives with her father and his young wife.The girl attends a special school at the French Embassy. The late father gladly tells reporters about his daughter’s successes: Maya draws beautifully and writes stories at such a young age.

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