YaMZ-536 engine: description, specifications, instruction manual

The YaMZ-536 diesel engine and modifications at its base are high-quality modern power units designed primarily to equip cargo vehicles. Such motors allow you to create, produce and operate trucks for various purposes.

Motor-building enterprise from Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Plant was established as an enterprise for the production of cars in 1916 by Russian engineer and industrialist V. A. Lebedev. The events that took place at that time did not allow us to start producing cars, and the plant was initially only engaged in repairs. In 1926, the Yaroslavl Automobile Plant was organized, which, after a large-scale reconstruction, began to produce the first domestic heavy-duty dump trucks.In the future, in addition to trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 8 tons, the automobile plant produced trolleybuses, buses and chassis.

In the post-war period, the company mastered the production of diesel engines of the YAZ series of models 204 and 206 (110-220 hp) and the manufacture of three-axle powerful YAAZ-210 trucks (6X4) with a lifting capacity of up to 12 tons. Regular changes at the plant occurred in 1951. It was then that he was completely redeveloped for the manufacture of diesel power units for various applications, clutches and gearboxes for coupling with manufactured engines. The company received the name "Yaroslavl Motor Plant".

At present, YMZ (Avtodizel) is a part of the GAZ Group automotive association.

Development of diesel production

At first, after the establishment, the engine plant continued production of two-stroke engines of models 204 and 206. At the same time, the development of new promising diesel engines was underway. The result of this work was a series of engines YMZ-236, 238, 240.

New engines at the beginning of production were considered modern and possessed high technical characteristics, which ensured the wide use of these units. They were installed on trucks MAZ, KRAZ, ZIL, URAL, on bulldozers, tractors, military and construction equipment.

Manual YMZ-536

The main feature of these engines was considered to be an increase in power due to an increase in the number of cylinders. At the same time, there was a significant unification of engines, providing a high maintainability of these power units. At present, after a large number of upgrades, the company continues to produce these engines in almost three hundred options.

At the beginning of the seventies, the company developed and manufactured a family of super-powerful engines of the YaMZ-840 series for BELAZ, MoAZ and special vehicles. In the future, the production of these motors was transferred to the Tutaev plant.

Creation of the 530th series of diesel engines

At the beginning of the two thousandth, the company began to develop new promising diesel engines of the YMZ-530 series, as part of a joint project with the Austrian AVL List. After successful tests of prototypes in 2012, the mass production of the YaMZ-534 and YaMZ-536 engines began.

In a short period, the plant has mastered over two hundred different modifications, as well as complete sets of these motors, which ensured their extensive use.New power units possessed, including YaMZ-536, technical characteristics similar and sometimes superior to the best world engines in the following parameters:

  • operating time (resource);
  • environmental standards (Euro-4; Euro-5);
  • profitability.
YaMZ-536 engine

Feature of the device of motors is their adaptedness for operation in various climatic conditions, including diverse domestic. In addition, the traditionally increased unification, despite the large number of options produced by in-line engines YMZ-536 (6 cylinders) and 534 (4 cylinders), reduces the cost of production, and also improves maintainability.

Features of diesel model 536

The modern design of the YMZ-536 in-line diesel engine made it possible to create more than 35 modifications of the six-cylinder in-line power unit for the most diverse applications. High levels of environmental engine achieved by using a modern mechanism for exhaust gas recirculation (complex EGR), together with the installation of a special catalytic converter, which has a special replaceable filtering element.

YaMZ-536 engine

Good performance in fuel efficiency allows us to achieve the use of a special battery fuel injection system at the YaMZ-536. Such a system maintains a constant pressure during fuel injection, regardless of engine speed, which guarantees a high-quality process of fuel combustion at low revs and at idle. In addition, the duty cycle of the engine is supported by an electronic control unit with a Bosch EDC 7 software module.

High properties on ecology and efficiency ensured the use of the YaMZ-536 engine and its modifications on city buses.

Technical parameters of the engine

In addition to the above qualities, the technical characteristics achieved by the design contribute to the spread of the motor. The technical characteristics of the YaMZ-536 in the basic version are as follows:

  • type - diesel;
  • working process - four-stroke;
  • performance - turbocharged;
  • volume - 6.7 liters;
  • cylinder arrangement - in-line (L);
  • number of cylinders - 6;
  • power - 312.0 liters. from.;
  • cooling - liquid;
  • compression ratio - 17.5;
  • the number of revolutions - 2300 rpm;
  • cylinder diameter (piston stroke) - 10.5 (12.8) cm;
  • dimensions; length - 1.30 m; width - 0.76 m; height - 0.97 m;
  • weight - 0.64 t;
  • mixing option - direct injection;
  • fuel consumption - 165 g / l. from. h .;
  • resource to overhaul - 1,000,000 km.
YaMZ-536 specifications

Engine operation and maintenance

To maintain the technical characteristics during operation of the engine, reliable and long-term operation, it is necessary to observe the rules and standards established by the manufacturer for the maintenance of the power unit. The document regulating these works is the YMZ-536 manual for operation. It can be divided into the following major sections, which describe:

  1. Technical characteristics of the motor.
  2. Principles of operation and the main device of the engine.
  3. Used process materials and fluids.
  4. Rules for the performance of workflows during operation of the YMZ-536 (start-up, operation, stop).
  5. Requirements for MOT and frequency of its implementation.
  6. The procedure for performing troubleshooting and how to eliminate them.
  7. Various background information.

Knowledge and fulfillment of the requirements of the manufacturer ensures reliable engine operation.

The use of the engine YMZ-536

Technical parameters, first of all, power and design features, provided a wide distribution to the diesel engine family.The main modifications are applied on the following cars:

  • base engine YaMZ-536; MAZ (chassis, onboard, dump trucks, tractors);
  • version 536-40 - LiAZ buses (urban, suburban).
MAZ with the engine YMZ-536

In addition, the following manufacturers produce vehicles of the family:

  • combines - Rostselmash, Gomselmash;
  • motor graders - “Bryansk arsenal”;
  • excavators - TVEX;
  • boats - "Kostroma Ship-Mechanical Plant".

For a complete set of vehicles the most common engines YMZ-536 on the "Urals". For a variety of trucks of this brand are more than 100 modifications and options for equipping diesel power units of the 530th series.

YaMZ-536 at URAL

Reviews on the use of diesel

Engine 536 has an in-line arrangement of cylinders. Such a device of the power unit in comparison with the V-shaped performance traditionally has the following advantages:

  • more simple designs;
  • reduced manufacturing costs;
  • less weight;
  • high balance.

Owners and drivers of cars highlight in their responses about YaMZ-536 the following advantages of a diesel engine during operation:

  • the possibility of using domestic consumables;
  • good maintainability and ease of maintenance;
  • quality specifications;
  • smooth and quiet operation;
  • high reliability;
  • confident work in the winter.

In addition, it is necessary to note the low cost of the motor compared to foreign analogues.

YaMZ-536 reviews

Diesel engines YMZ-536 in their design features and technical characteristics are modern powertrains for use on various vehicles, as well as industrial equipment.

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